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« on: August 25, 2007, 06:27:24 PM »
What exactly do a bunch of 1Ls have a claim for against BarBri?  If they charge do much, don't buy from them!

No law student is forced to take BarBri.  If you really think that BarBri is the only viable bar review course, then maybe you should take a stand by encouraging students to sign up for reviews with other companies, and just not give BarBri any of your money instead of filing suit against them. 

I'm not a fan of BarBri's prices.  I think they've been raising prices faster than inflation, but that doesn't mean that I think someone who hasn't even bought anything from them as a claim against them.  If you'd already committed to them and paid them at least a deposit, then maybe.  For now though, those 1L's are just kids shopping around for a bar review course and want the high quality at discount prices. 

Can I go into a BMW lot and file suit if they won't sell me a BMW at Camry prices? 

General Board / Re: LRW Assignment
« on: August 25, 2007, 06:17:15 PM »
If it's like mine, it won't count.  Just turn in a "good faith effort" or expect to do a rewrite. 

Our prof's policy is that it doesn't make sense to grad the things you turn in while you're still learning.  Only our last 3 assignments count towards our grade.  While it makes it less stressful during the first two months of the semester, it means that we also miss out on possibly getting some easier points to take the stress off at the end.

Alabama / Living in Birmingham?
« on: April 27, 2007, 03:15:09 PM »
We're still waiting on final word from SO's employer, but there's a good chance that he'll end up in their Bham office or if he starts in Tuscaloosa, he might end up having to transfer to Bham during the 3 years that we're there.

Are there any suggestions for where to live if he's working in Bham and I'm at UA?  I'm willing to drive, but I'm hesitant to live in Bham.  I feel like we'll miss out on the social side of law school by living that far away.  Or, is there a decent contingent of law students in Bham that get together up there?

Where should I go next fall? / Re: University of Alabama
« on: January 10, 2008, 01:22:00 AM »
My thoughts,

BAMA(applied last year):
Great dean.  Great professors.  Great financial aid, especially for residents.  Academically, its in a different class than some of the schools the OP listed (Miss, Ark, SC, etc...).  Among the best in the south and the rise in the rankings is no accident.  Genuninely sees itself as a national law school. 

Problem is, no one else does.  They have come a long way towards a national reputation, but aren't there yet.  A friend made law review there, went to DC to clerk and came back to B'ham to work.  There's nothing wrong with that, but yeah, your best job prospects are in state with some placement in TN, GA, MS, FL. 

If you want Alabama specifically it can't be beat.  If you want Southeast generally, it demands a look.  If you want the rest of the country, there's probably better options. 

Samford - Nice small school.  Lots of individual attention and it seems they really do a good job of training you to be a lawyer as opposed to a graduate student in law.  But, its way overpriced and no one outside of a Birmingham knows its there.  I wouldn't consider it unless you want to work in Alabama, and then only with a scholarship.   

Very well put.

I'm a 1L at Bama, and as it's early Jan, I haven't felt the hit of OCI just yet.  However what is quoted above is exactly what I heard last year. Things to keep in mind though:

1.  The number of people taking jobs in Alabama is high because Alabama law firms love UA grads and recruit them heavily.  However, my class has the largest number of out of state students ever.  This really shows that the dean is pushing towards a national reaach, espeically knowing that most of my out of state classmates instend to practice in their home state.  Bottom line:  In about 5 years, Alabama should be a national law school.

2.  One of the best "bang for your buck" law schools".  Even if you're out of state and pay out of state tuition, UA is still a bargain compared to almost every other school in hte nation.

3.  If offered a scholarship (and this goes for any school!) attempt to negotiate away any GPA or rank requirements.  When I was admitted, I was offered a top 25% scholarship.  I flat-out asked them if they offered this to more than 25% of the incoming 1L class.  They said, "No."  Fast forward 6 months...after talking to several 2L's, 3L's, and my classmates, I now realize that they actually give the scholarship to about 50% of the class "knowing" that many will go to other schools.  End result...a nasty mess when 1L grades come out.  But...still remember that even the bottom of the pack at UA is guaranteed a pretty good job, especially within AL where it's been particularly nice and balmly these past few weeks.

That's about all I've got for now.  Best of luck to all 0L's.  I'm not on this board much anymore (off doing crazy 1L's things like reading and more reading), but shoot me a PM if you have Bama specific questions.

General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Re: Army or Law School
« on: June 29, 2007, 10:06:51 PM »
The military can be a great thing for a lot of people.  However, I've seen just as many people join the military with the intent of then going back to school and using their hard earned education benefits...but yet the military is super busy right now and doesn't release them to go back to school.  12 years later, they end up with only a handful of credits earned through community colleges or distance learning.  Being this close to law school, I suggest you at least do 1L.  If it's your kind of thing, apply for JAG after graduation, or even a JAG summer internship.  If you absolutely need a break, talk to your school about a leave of absence for a 3 year military tour.

Don't forget, there is always the potential to join a National Guard or Reserve unit while in law school.  While you'll still have the "petty" stuff you talk about, at least you get to release some stress and go shoot at things one weekend a month.

Just out of curiosity.  You can see it from LSAC website.  Sep test, not June test, is Preptest 51... Why is that?

Maybe the June one (elements or complete) will become their new sample LSAT online.  It wouldn't make sense for them to sell it on one section of the website as PT 52 and then have it as a free download on another section.

Meta Discussion / Re: Need law school advice?!?!?!
« on: June 18, 2007, 04:13:37 PM »
Ok...time to get back to work.  The current task at hand is emptying out the fridge.  Tonight's task is emptying out the keg.  Good times.

Meta Discussion / Re: Need law school advice?!?!?!
« on: June 18, 2007, 03:56:06 PM »
But horray to living in one apartment for three years!!!

I haven't lived somewhere that long since high school.

Meta Discussion / Re: Need law school advice?!?!?!
« on: June 18, 2007, 03:51:36 PM »
Oh, massive's a packing break.  Unpacking is next week.  The movers start showing up tomorrow, and we'll be in the new apartment by Thursday.  It's going to be a busy week.

Fun!  I guess we can't detain you too long since you have a deadline (unlike unpacking, which can take years :P).

Ugh...I'm realizing that know.  We've moved in March 05, March 06, and now.  We've got such a mess going on because I was bound and determined to not move another unopened box, which just meant I know have piles and piles of stuff torn out of boxes, but never really organized.  I'm glad I'll have over a month to do nothing but unpack and organize.  Maybe even treat myself to a Real Simple subscription to get in the right frame of mind.   ;)

Meta Discussion / Re: Need law school advice?!?!?!
« on: June 18, 2007, 03:49:37 PM »
As soon as you get teh internetz hooked up in your new place, pop in and let us know how the move went!

Well of course that's the first thing that will be set up!  We sign our lease at 8:30, and the cable guy is scheduled for 2.  There's no way I can go longer than that!

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