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So while researching schools, it seems that many use their success at select competitions as indicators of how awesome their school's trial advocacy program is.  Whether its the American Association for Justice (ALTA), the National Criminal Justice Trial Advocacy Competition, the "Tournament of Champions",  yadda yadda the list goes on. 

Ive learned that most of this self praise is most likely BS or is like saying they won the NIT.  I mean i look at some of the schools that compete at these competitions and they are just not in the same league as others (TTT/FTT vs. T14) in terms of quality of education.  So which competitions merit true praise?  Which ones are considered the big dance of trial advocacy?

Also, feel free to comment about both moot/mock trial competitions.  Id prob be interested in both.

They have a 2.85 curve.  I think its a little harsh for grads and especially those planning on not working in philly where employers may not know of the schools curve.

Also, i noticed that it has a slightly higher rate of attrition, althouhg its not academic.  However, how do they exactly classify these attritions?  Thoughts?

Choosing the Right Law School / Florida vs. Temple vs. Maryland?
« on: March 25, 2007, 01:24:46 PM »
So I am a Maryland resident, but theyve shown me very little love...wl'ed me.  Where as Temple has been very courteous, informative, and generous financially.  I actually went to their ASW yesterday and I really liked thr faculty and many of the other admitted students.  Now i recently learned that I was admitted to U of Florida and therefore just began really researching the school.

So I trying to decide whether, if admitted to Maryland (which i think i may have a very goof chance of due to MD being a safety school for many DC area schools) should I attend or go with the money at Temple or Florida?

Heres my breakdown.

Temple gave me enough money to where it would be slightly cheaper to attend TL as an out of stater than to attend MD as an in stater, so finances are basically a non-issue, mabe a little better at TL. Temple also has one of the best trial advocacy program in the nation.  Temple also seens to place well in the Philly region.  The professors, careers services, and all of the factulty actually, seemed very outging and friendly.  Campus was obviously in an urban environment, which i dont mind. 

Maryland is ranked slightly better (42 vs 58 i think it was) but i feel like Temple will continue on its upward swing in thr rankings.  Also, I know Baltimore like the back of my hand.  However, Bmore has a weal legal market and i dont know how well MD woudl place in DC.  Deff not as well as TL places in Philly. 

I am not adveres to moving around really, and Philly is only 2 hrs from Bmore anyway.  Campus safety is a non-issue for me.  Its not that bad...i can handle Bmore so i can handle Philly.

Now the real kicker is with Florida.  If i do decide to go down to Gainesville, it would pretty much be a permanant move.  None of my family/frineds/professional contacts would be in Florida and I would basically have to start anew.  Now the main draw to UF is the potential to go from out of state to in state status after 1L year.  Which is roughly $27k to $7.5k a year.  I would save a substantial amount of money if i went this route (i am financing my education entirly through loans).

And for those of you wondering, Wisconsin was an option, but no financial aid at all as of yet so I cant possibly imagine paying over 130k to go there.

Well, just kind of throwing my thoughts out there....seeing if anyone would likt to contribute some input.  Anyone else in a simular situation??  Jeequi.

Law School Admissions / University of Florida....w'e'ird email?
« on: March 20, 2007, 07:52:58 AM »
Anyone get an email from U of F yesterday evening, addressing you as "Dear Admitted Student" welcoming you to the admitted students day without being notified of being accepted yet?   
Then today they sent an email addressing me as "Dear Candidate" notifying us that the email was a mistake and should have been sent today, and that the admissions letters will be sent tomorrow?


This would be a cruel joke if the letter theyre suppose to send out tomm says ...."yeaaa   sorry bout that.  DING"   ???

Incoming 1Ls / Crap. I did something very stupid.....:o
« on: March 19, 2007, 05:47:25 PM »
So I sent a request to school A asking for some scholarship money.  Except that what I thought was school A, was in fact school B.  I just told school A how much id like to attend school B....and basically that school B, not school A is my top choice.  And the kicker is, the ASW is coming up soon and im supposed to go...

I just simply switched the email around for these schools.  I feel sick to my stomach right now cause school A is still very much one of my top choices....

Wow....Im going through all these scenarios where the school will revoke my admission/money and may even forward the email to the intended recipient of the email...

Im gonna go cry now...aiiiiigh

Law School Admissions / Admissions offices do check boards....
« on: February 24, 2007, 10:32:56 AM »

Creasy is trying to lighten things a little and ease some of the anxiety of the application process as the admissions frenzy whips up. With more applicants than ever competing to get into the top schools, students' stress is obvious. It chokes online message boards about college admissions. (One site -- where overachievers crunch numbers, analyze their chances and obsess over scores -- had 17,048 posts about Hopkins alone.)

If an UG admissiosn office with a greater amount of applicants check boards, i dont see why law school offices wouldn't - albeit its prolly a lower level staffer who is doing the board checking.

I know, this is a repeat post, but I wasn't getting any love in the WL section so I wanted to move it to a higher traffic section.

So as stated in the subject, Im waitlisted at my top choice.  I already plan to send a letter of continued interest.  The school also suggested that i send in any new grades, honors, achievments, etc,

The problem is, I'm a year out of UG and I work about 50hrs a week.  I'm really doing some interesting work at my job, but  I can't really talk about anything I do in detail (signed a confidentiality agreement and all that).  And the extent of what I can say is something along the lines of "im working on litigation for a company".  I could possibly be able to go into a little bit more detail, but id have to get it OKed by a partner - which Id rather not do.  Something about being waitlisted may carry a sort of negative stigma later on when i try to get a position in the same firm. (I know im prolb being a bit too paranoid, but from what ive seen thus far in terms of office politics/drauma, it wouldn't suprise me. :P

So should I at the very least send a very vague and nondescriptive account of my job or just keep offering my first born?

I already plan to send a letter of continued interest.  The school also suggested that i send in any new grades, honors, achievments, etc,

The problem is, I'm a year out of UG and I work about 50hrs a week.  I'm really doing some interesting work at my job, but  I can't really talk about anything I do in detail.  And the extent of what I can say is something along the lines of "im working on litigation for a company"... 

So should I at the very least send this very vague and nondescriptive account of my activities thus far?

Choosing the Right Law School / Temple job prospects in Philly?
« on: February 17, 2007, 09:30:04 PM »
I realize that Temple grads place best in Philly, which is fine with me.  Im curious as to where you have to graduate at in your class to get those philly bigfirm jobs, ei 120k give or take, a year.  Its not that im THAT set on being a bigfirm only lawyer.  Its just that with the debt i will incure during ls, in conjunction with my undergrad debt....i will NEED a six-figure job to make ends meet and get by.

So where do I need to grad from Temple to get such a job?  Top 20%? Top 10%? 

I was waitlisted at my top choice.  I was accepted to other similarly ranked schools, some with money.  Should i mention somethign along the lines of how i was accepted to these programs but would rather attend the waitlisted school?  Do you think that this would come off as rude for some reasons?

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