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Law School Admissions / Re: everyone applying in fall '06...
« on: July 17, 2006, 08:14:08 PM »
Just because I'm Type A, I'll share with you how I'm tracking my applications in the initial preparation. I created a spreadsheet where I listed out the school, it's ranking according to my own level of interest, my deadline to start working on it, deadline to submit it, # of LOR's required, and notes about essays and optional essays (incl. word limit,font size and topic). Prep-wise, I'm starting with my safety schools first and then working my way down to my top schools so I can hone my essays to where they need to be for the reach schools. Hope this helps someone else! :)

Hahaha, you sound like me!

perhaps law school is where all we lonely type A poeple finally realize we're not alone?  haha, j/k, I think you have to do stuff like this to have a successful cycle. I can't see staying sane and on top of everything any other way.

I'm applying this cycle and thinking of coming out... one of my personal statement drafts is about losing financial support from my parents after coming out and having to support myself.  It's less about being a lesbian and more about motivating myself and growing as a person  ::)  I do hope that's the kind of thing admissions committees like to hear about.

Another is about activism I've done related to queer stuff- organizing events, leadership positions, etc.  So it's not directly saying "I'm a dyke" but it could be safe to assume.  I'm interested in public interest law, so it's relevant, I think.

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