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The personal statement prompts in the applications for San Diego and Santa Clara each raise several questions that I could address.  I would need the space of many pages to treat each issue adequately.  I don't find any talk in either application of a limit on the size or number of statement(s) that I could submit.  Must or should I submit a two-page, double-spaced essay or may I submit, say, three separate essays, one per major area of investigation (e.g., why I want to go law school, what qualifies me to do so, who am I etc.)?

I'll read.  Please PM.

I'll read.  Please PM.

Law School Admissions / full vs. part time odds the same?
« on: July 14, 2006, 08:21:56 AM »
I was told by Santa Clara that there is no difference in liklihood of admission to their full time and part time programs.  But if they don't lower their standards for and thus make it easier to get into their part time program then why the drop in UGPA (see below)?  Though the LSAT numbers are close, why would there be any difference at all?  I wonder if because of differing median age for incoming students from one program to the next they correspondingly 'age' the data, considering UGPA less important for older students.  Any other ideas?

Full Time
75th percentile UGPA/LSAT: 3.60/161
25th percentile UGPA/LSAT: 3.21/157


Part Time:
75th percentile UGPA/LSAT: 3.37/160
25th percentile UGPA/LSAT: 2.98/156

In any case, I note a similar situation applies to the University of San Diego and would expect the pattern to hold for all schools with full time and part time programs.  Does anyone know otherwise?

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