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I'll read. Please PM. Please also include a description of the criteria against which I should evaluate if at all possible.

Please let me know if you'd read my essay. I've got to send it out today so it is a bit urgent. Thanks for your interest.

OK.  I've sent to each who asked.  Let me know if any didn't get it.  I'll re-send.  Thanks to each.

Yes, I intend that this essay will leave you 'crying in the dark', which is the aim of all good writing.

If you would, please read my personal statement.  I will return the favor.

I would trade.  Let me know.

I'll read.  Please PM.

I'll read.

If your app minus your PS highlights your passion for athletic competition then why use your PS to again highlight your passion for athletic competition? I would in that case be concerned with coming off as one-dimensional.  My understanding is that your PS is to be, among other things, a way to flesh yourself out beyond the numbers, resumes and recommendations.  Are you passionate about anything other than sports?

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