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I am a non-trad & only had a few semesters left to finish my UG.  I have had most of my professors for only 1 class so I don't know them very well & the one who would be great is on a sabbatical in South America.  I have owned and operated my own business for the past 6 years so my work references are pretty limited too.  Here are my choices-what do you think?

1 History prof-just had this summer so still fresh in his mind. 
2 Academic advisor-probably knows my capabilities based on my grades better than anyone else and would write a fabulous letter.
3 Small business manager at my bank who is also my client-knows me well, has watched me grow my business over the years & is closest thing to professional rec I can get since I'm my own boss.
4 Attorney who is an alumni & very accomplished (has worked w/ UN & other major international organizations).  (Unfortunately he is also my uncle, but different last name so maybe not so obvious)

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