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Awesome, chewy.

Okay, AIM  room LSAT it is!

I figured it would make life easier on y'all.  ;)

I'm in! You rock Crooks, baby.

And you can PM your IDs in advance.

AIM Chatrooms:
You must be invited by a person already present by IMing them/us, or be on the invite list.

To join group AIM chat, if you haven't done it before, you will have to be online, logged into aim, and available to accept messages during the scheduled chat time and maybe just before. If anyone wants in early, just IM me, as I'll probably be hanging around.

Not true. You can invite yourself to a chatroom. Say, for example, we agree that the chatroom should be named "LSAT", all that is needed is for everyone to individually invite themselves to a chatroom named LSAT. Try it out and see....

My school recently gave us "freshman year grade exclusion". Up to 3 D's and F's from our freshman year are removed from GPA calculation on our transcript. (signified on the transcript with a #) .

LSAC counts it.  :(

But really ,it only makes the playing field level. Not all schools have the same policies.

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