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University of Chicago is one of the premier, most elite law schools in the country. Their faculty is absolutely amazing, the students are all incredibly bright, and the academic experience is reputed as being one of the best out there.

The same cannot be said for UIUC or Northwestern, even though they are both fine schools.

University of Chicago will open doors the other schools will not, period.

Congrats on your choices! Good luck with the decision.

Hey guys..

That's right, I'm back! I'm moving to Philly on Sunday, have sold my car, and am getting all packed up. It's pretty exciting, a little scary, and I hope I am doing everything right regarding the financial aid process (I don't want to get to orientation and find out I didn't sign some for and am thus screwed!)

Anyways, I was wondering when most of you are getting to Philly. I didn't get to go to Admitted Students Weekend or a Penn Preview, so I have yet to meet anyone and would love to meet some people even before orientation starts (even the pre-orientation orientation events).

I'll be moving into my apartment on August 1st, in Rittenhouse, so, if anyone wants to meet up anytime after that, definitly let me know!

Also, is anyone else doing the Law Preview that's happening at Penn? Since I am literally doing nothing until orientation starts and they were offering a scholarship I signed up for it.. so hopefully it is at least worthwhile.

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