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"Legal assistance" groups do sound like a good place to begin.  Volunteering/interning in them will definitely be on my list to consider doing in my first summer in college.  Thank you NYHandyGirl! 

Any other ideas from other members?  The more advice the better  ;).

I am currently a highschool senior who has been accepted into Yale.  I plan on double majoring in physics and economics.  I would like to be a patent attroney someday.  I want to intelligently use the next four years to increase my chance of acceptance into top law schools.

For personal reasons, I can't work this summer but would like to have a law related internship next summer.  I do not have any work experience in law related fields and would like to know how to begin. 

I can think of interning in the local DA's office, in a district judge's office, or in a law firm.  How should I go about finding an internship position in these areas?  Should I just send my resume and cover letter?  Should I make a personal visit?  What other ways will I have, as a college freshman, to look for these internship positions and get them?  Lastly, what other law related internship positions are there other than the other three?

Even if your knowledge does not directly answer my questions, I would be delighted if you would share your knowledge and/or experiences.

Thank you sincerely,     

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