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General Board / Re: Loans?
« on: July 03, 2007, 04:35:07 PM »
maybe i misunderstood but i think that's what he was saying. after he pays tuition, he wants to figuere out what he could live on and invest the xtra, at least that's what it sounded like to me.

General Board / Re: Loans?
« on: July 01, 2007, 08:18:18 PM »
my best friend did that when he was going through university of maryland school of law. he took it a little further though. he paid his tuition budgeted out his rent, food and misc. expenses (which for a single guy/girl shouldn't be a lot) and put half of what was left over in a CD and live off the rest. he cut back somewhat on going out but not to the point where he sat in the house all the time. when he graduated he took the money and made his first loan repayment for like 8Gs straigh out of the gate. if you're disciplined enough not to spend spend spend i think you'll be fine.

General Board / Re: Non traditional students.......
« on: July 01, 2007, 08:12:45 PM »
I'm 34 and will be starting my 1L this fall as a part time evening student.  Still trying to decide if I will quit work to keep up with studying or not.  Any advice would be appreciated to those going that route. 

you and i are the same age my friend, or will be in 3 days. i quit work so that i can keep up with studying. i reduced my debt as much as possible and managed to save up a nice little piece of loot. nothing to carry me through 3 years but enough for 1 or 2 very light rainy days  :). my budget will be tight (i have car note and insurance and I was not able to completely pay off my credit card but i put a decent dent into it). i'm sure i will have to rob peter to pay paul more than a few times, but i've been broke before. also i know this is jumping ahead a little but law students are paid pretty well for their summer efforts, if you have the discipline to save you can stack yourself a little cushion over the summer. if you're one of the lucky ones to secure a firm position for 1L they get paid ok as well, though not as well as 2Ls. everyone i know who continued to work full-time planned on using their law degree at their present job, so grades weren't as much of an issue. they could just pass graduate and be ok. look at it like this, if you make your best effort do everything you possibly can to get the best grades possible and come up a little short, eeh you did the best you could and you can adjust and do better. you can probably live with that better than you could knowing that you could've been in the top whatever % if you didn't have to work. i will have the benefit of GI Bill money for my first year so I have a little more wiggle room. i understand you're situation is probably a little different. so i would say if you're really worried about finances sit down work out a budget and see if you can make it through your first year. after that you will know what works for you how much study time you need etc. and you can go back to work after that if you so desire. bottom line is we don't want to go into all this debt, and then not be get the job we want because of a job we don't want. end of my $.02...good luck

i had planned on being very active joining organizations of interest etc, but i've been advised that 1Ls usually don't have time for a lot of extra curriculars and that they aren't really expected to participate until after the first year. any truth to this? did any of you top []%ers participate in extra curriculars. I'm interested in entertainment law where connections are everything so I'm worried about not doing anything with the entertainment law society until 2L, law school is only 3 years after all.

General Board / Re: Non traditional students.......
« on: June 22, 2007, 11:17:30 PM »
I will be 34 when I begin 1L, i'm a vet as well, although not a war vet per say. I spent most of my time hunting terrorists in sandy places and had to duck a bullet or two from  time to time i'm not stressing law school at all i know it will be hard work but hard work ain't nothin'

well im not worried about everybody else but if something works it works you know  :)...but i understand i'll probably just have to figure out what works for me and hit my stride. just want to make sure im on the right rack.....thanks for the input

don't mean to be a pain but can i just get some clarification on the practice exam thing. I know that i'm supposed to study for the exam not for class, and that practice exams are important i've heard that from several sources and don't need to be sold on that aspect. but i've heard everything from, start practice exams as soon as possible to it's not necessary until a month before exams etc.. is there a consensus? my plan was to outline as i go (not everyday but as each "block" or particular area of the law was covered) and to begin my exam writing practice around October once i got into the swing of things.

Temple / Re: Temple vs. Villanova
« on: June 11, 2007, 07:50:02 PM »
Hey guys,

     I am between Temple and Villanova at this point. I am having a really difficult time deciding between the two. I am from Philly and want to stay here so I know I really can't go wrong either way, but I would appreciate any thoughts people have on the matter.


Temple! if your a PA native it's cheaper and Temple is a better school and the Philly it's more convenient. 'Nova's all the way out in Media/Villanova.

Temple / Re: Anyone living in Chestnut Hill or Mt. Airy?
« on: June 11, 2007, 07:46:26 PM »
i was born and raised in Mt. Airy. i used to take the R7 home all the time, regional rail (R lines) are very reliable, very comfortable and the R7 stops behind Temple's campus. you can get a montly rail card that covers regional rail as well as regular trains and buses, don't know how much it costs these days. Good choice for neighborhood NW Philadelphia is the nicest area of the city. lots of trees and parks there are some parts of Mt. airy, off of lincoln drive, where you almost forget your in a big city. enjoy

Okay, I just got back from Philly last night. I looked at 6 places in various areas. All were on the periphery of Center City (except one in Manayunk). I suppose after looking that I'm partial to the city. For those that haven't been, places that seem out of the way on a map are still closer than you think. And you can find things for a decent price if you move away from the actual center of the city. For example, I found a 4 bedroom for $1200 in the Italian Market area. It was 6 blocks from an Orange line station, newly remodeled and it was in a pretty cool neighborhood. Also, Northern Liberties is nice and more affordable than, say, old city/society hill. Lots of students and young professionals in Northern Liberties and Art Museum, lots of personality in the Italian Market, and everyone I met kept telling me University City is a great place for students because its affordable and near transportation.

One thing that I've been hearing on LSD is how some of the places I've just mentioned are sketchy. For the most part I didn't find this to be true. I took 3 days to see 6 places and I walked around all the neighborhoods. I wanted to really feel them out. South Philly is pretty cool. Lots of families and shops, plus you get that Brooklyn feel with the rowhouses (although its definitely more a Philly feel). Italian Market had alot of personality and seemed like a neighborhood. The actual market that Genos and Pats is on is cool, although that's, I guess, called Bella Vista. Still cool though and a good mix of demographics with mainly Asians, Hispanics, and Caucasians. Northern Liberties was a boat load  of art galleries and funky cafe/bar/restaurants. Also lots of students and young professionals. Art museum seemed yuppieish and was pretty with tree lined rows and lots of dog walkers.

In all these places there were areas that you didn't really want to walk through with $50 bills hanging out of your pockets. But, for the most part they seemed safe and surprisingly friendly (people were talking to me about the neighborhood and striking up conversations everywhere I went). My opinion is that, sure these places are not as 100% secure as Rittenhouse or the suburbs, but the bad looking spots are pretty recognizable so if you avoid them, you'll find that these places are actually really cool areas.

One thing I'm not sure about however, is parking on the street in these areas. Being physically safe is one thing. But, I didn't have a car with me so I never parked anywhere. I guess I hear tell of peoples' cars getting broken into in Northern Liberties and Italian Market and South Philly. Maybe somebody can confirm this.

Another thing is that alot of these places are deceptive. Northern Liberties, especially up near Girard, looks scary. But, once you walk around and realize its all college students who live there, and start to notice that the neighborhood has lots of people out walking dogs and perusing art galleries, and see BMWs parked outside at night, it starts to seem less sketchy. Other places can look okay but seem sketchier with bums crawling out of the woodwork and berating you if you don't give them money. But all in all, this deceptiveness seems to be on the edges of these neighborhoods and away from main roads. 

Anyhow, I know I sound like a real estate agent. But, I thought I'd let you all know that there is affordable stuff in Center City.

Have a good one.

since your talking about Univ City im assuming your going to Penn, i'm not going to school in philly but i'm a native philly boy born and raised so my definition of UC is a little different than how most philly schools try to define it to out of towners. UC is nice and cheap but it's heavily undergrad (you've got drexel, penn, and that pharmacy school all in the same 5 block area). for a law student i think you're on the right track with center city. center city/n. liberties, the so called yuppy areas, are about the only safe neighborhoods in philly right now. UC used to really bad they cleaned it up a lot around the mid 90's and it was really nice when governor rendell was mayor. it's still ok but not as safe as it used to be. summer time tends to be a slow time for the Penn area it's much more congested during the semester and lets just say the criminal elements know when the students are around. keep that in mind not trying to scare you just be aware. you can fine some really nice not so expensive places in and around south street which just depends on how far you want to be from Penn's landing the closer to center city (15th street or so) your are the cheaper it is. you could also opt for further into w. philly (Penn still calls it UC but it's W. philly) UC really doesn't extend past 34th street but don't go any higher than like 40th street. also around the girard ave/w. river drive side (over by the art musuem). like you said after you get to know the city a little better, you can just about live anywhere because SEPTA is very reliable and convenient although not cheap . all and all philly's a great town to go to school in. it's much more student friendly than NYC and Boston.

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