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2L job search / Re: How useful is Vault?
« on: July 24, 2007, 12:51:59 PM »
i use NALP and Martindale as a jump off to the firms actual website, most of them have something on there about the culture of the firm and the summer employment section usually lists the entire schedule for summer associates. they also have summer comments and sometimes video. it's still anecdotal but at least you're getting it from the horse's mouth. i've found that you usually can get a feel for the type of firm by the website. those that are less uptight usually have less formal/more interactive web pages. i've also noticed that some don't even have a link for OCI or summer employment they simply have recruting contact, don't exactly get the warm and fuzzies when i come across those websites.

sorry for the dumb question or if this has already been answered but all professors keep copies of their previous exams on file correct? because i've heard some people say that some don't. isn't that like understood, that there will be copies of exams on file so students can prepare? i know i can get A exams from other students but professors have been know to change their criteria from semester to semester

i also jacked my first try at UG i ended up graduating with a 3.5 but my lsac cum gpa was a 2.4 i got a 170 on the lsat and got into every tier 2 i applied to, quite a few top 50 schools, 1 t14, and 2 top 20's. everything will depend on your lsat and how well you put together your application but it's doable.

Transferring / Re: NYU vs. top 20 school full ride
« on: July 19, 2007, 01:35:58 PM »
Granted I don't have near the beautiful choices that you do, I think I would stay.  I'm always an advocate of going to the best school you can that is also conducive to your career goals.  If you are at a top 20 school, you are at a very prestigous school in the first place.  I really don't think that saying you went to NYU is worth borrowing close to 100k for your last two years of law school when you are already at a top 20 school.  If you want to work in NYC, got to school for free the next two years and know that  you are going to put that 100k into living expenses or a business after you get out of school.  I'm sure if your school is top 20, NYC recruits there anyway.  If you had always wanted to go to NYU and have a vested interest in going there-I say go for it.  But if you don't have a really really good reason to go there, I would stay where you are at.  Good luck. 


Book Sales and Trades / Re: how much do 1L books cost?
« on: July 18, 2007, 04:46:56 PM »
oh ok not as bad as i expected, thanks.

Book Sales and Trades / how much do 1L books cost?
« on: July 17, 2007, 06:43:59 PM »
im noticing that my school like to underbid how much things cost i.e. housing should i expect the same for books. did people end up paying a lot more for books than they expected?

1L job search / Re: Incoming 1L Job FAQ's
« on: July 16, 2007, 05:23:25 PM »
What do applications for biglaw firms say?  I mean, on Dec. 1st no one has their grades or has even taken finals.  Do you just use your college resume and hope your school's name has enough pull?

This is when it pays to be a non-trad. ;)

 ;) :D ;D


how is this piece?

I don't really want to buy anything online though, especially a suit that is nearly $500.  Do Brooks Brothers Stores also offer sales events?

very nice. you generally can never go wrong with brooks brothers. i know what you mean about buying online and i really wouldn't buy a suit online if i could help it all, you really need to see how it looks on you. but if it can't be helped, you can go to a department store or a place that rents tuxes and get your measurements that way you know what size to order. the main thing is to get the right size across the chest and the correct jacket length for your height, and of course correct collar size for your shirt. the rest you can have altered. another thing that i forgot to mention before and that a lot of people don't know. DO NOT OVERDRY CLEAN YOUR SUIT. the chemicals break down the fabric. unless you spill something on yourself or have some kind of stain you only need to dry clean SUITS once or twice every 3-6 months. if you ever notice little spots of wear especially on the front of your jacket (they look like water stains) it's because you're taking it to the cleaners too much. i used to take mine in once a month but my drycleaner told me i was ruining my suits. seeing as he is losing money by giving me the heads up i'm taking his word for it.

General Board / Re: Possibiility of working with FBI?
« on: July 10, 2007, 02:47:19 PM »
1.5 years is not 6 months. 1.5 year is fast and possible if you have a sqeeky clean, background as i've alread said. the average is 2-5 years depending on your background (5 is rather long and rare but i have seen it). if you have a divorce it takes longer, if you have someone in your family who is a foreign national it takes longer, if you've traveled overseas or had credit issues it takes longer, if you had got cited for underage drinking ever it takes longer. if you have a degree in a field in which there is a have a critical need they will move a little faster. a full clearance does not just mean Top Secret.

not going to argue they can tell you whatever they want i've been doing this work for 9 years just quit in june for law school. i have had a TS/SCI full scope with full lifestyle polygraph since 1998 and was a Marine Corps veteran. the average applicant takes doesn't go from application to Quantico in 1.5 years.   

General Board / Re: Possibiility of working with FBI?
« on: July 10, 2007, 02:19:07 PM »
also just for the full picture you will go from GS-X to GS-13 very quickly after that is slows down because promotions are no longer automatic you have to apply for openings and compete. the wait for GS-13 to a GS-14 is anywhere from 2-5 years, once again depending on your career field with the intelligence track being the fastest. once you get to a GS-14, 15 is again not automatic once again you have to wait for a spot, in your agency, in your career field, in your position. i started out as government employee and quickly went over to the dark side of contracting because i saw the light. imo you don't need a JD to be a special agent. you will be doing the same law enforcement as every other special agent who only have bachelor's degrees. but because you your a "fancy lawyer type" you won't get to do any of the fun stuff you will be sitting in a cubicle pushing paper.

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