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Thank you un28 and SpaceLaw,
Yet another question, for the schools that have recommendation forms in LSDA electronic apps  indicating “Please type or print. This form will not be transmitted electronically”, do I have to ask my recommenders to send LOR directly to the admission committees or they will be satisfied with the letters send by LSDAS, and deem my file to be complete without the printed Recommendation form.

Can I choose if recommendations are to be sent along vs apps or not, and which letters to be sent, or they would be sent to the schools I apply vs LSDAS automatically? I have not yet finished filling the app forms, so I'm not sure if I have any choice concerning recommendation letters in fallowing steps. Thank you, in advance, for the answer.

I did not finish the last few questions, and simply guess them. So I have no concept that if I got them right or not by reading the above discusstions of the last few questions, does anyone remember the approximate choices? Such as how many Ds and Bs it contains. Thanks :)

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