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Skeptic - really man, you aren't doing too well in this thread.

Just like Iraq and the u.s., this will also be disasterious for israel if they don't stop
Really? Someone likes to assume.

American support, German, Australian...

Haven't they learned from history? The Israelis? Didn't they win every war they fought?

Uhmmm.. yeah.

Skeptic, lol You should go climb back into your hole. You're not doing yourself any good by coming out of it.

1948 War of Independence, the Israelis were very well equipped lol

Miss P - making no effort to curb Hezbullah's activities and thinking it would just go under the radar is a massive gamble. It's a gamble that has cost Lebanon many lives, airports, highways and navigation of the seas.

Good game Lebanon.

Israel is a proxy of the United States in some ways. When it comes to this current situation, it was carried out by their free will with probably no real consultation with the United States.

I don't see the point of you saying that they are a proxy, as if it strengthens your argument. I love that they are a proxy.

Hmmm... I'm not going to read many of your pointless arguments.

Here's mine:

No matter whether or not the Lebanese people like what Israel is doing, it doesn't matter at all. The opinions of the Lebanese people: the Shiia, Sunnis and Christians, does not influence Israel’s military planning.

Israel has yet to show its true power, and I'm sure that Lebanon and Syria does not want to see it. Why take such a massive gamble like this?

That is the problem with the Arabs in that region, they forget all too quickly. Have they all forgotten Israel's history of military victories in very similar cases? Do all these Arabs think that a few years of relative inactivity has weakened the Israeli military?

It was a very serious mistake on Hezbollah's part; everyone has made a significant miscalculation of Israel’s military might. If this goes on, mark my words, the world will be shocked when they see Israel’s military fury.

Sheeesh… it's not anti-Semitism when hate is directed towards Arabs. That is anti-arab/anti-muslim sentiment. 

You’re incorrect because you are using an ambiguous word you idiot. Anti-Semitism is defined as hatred towards Jews.

Yeah, I can tell just how educated you are.

I rather use the latter definition, because that's what it has become. The word has become more synonymous with Jewry than any other of the nationality it has previously covered. That's why there is no subsequent definition for Arabs, or any other of the groups of people listed in the first definition.

Additionally, the negative form of the adjective, anti-Semitism, "is almost always used as a misnomer to mean "anti-Jewish" specifically". This further complicates the meaning, and adds weight to the belief that in our modern society, a Semite is a reference for Jewry.

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