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Here you go - now run off and go protect Hezbollah.

"Mr Beazley said he believed Israel had an "absolute right" to defend itself against rocket attacks from terrorist organisations such as Hezbollah, and dismissed claims it was over-retaliating." - Federal Opposition Leader Kim Beazley, Australia

"Much as I deplore the violence ... one has to understand Israel's position, Israel has the right of self-defence," he said. (Prime Minister John Howard)

"We demand first that the Israeli soldiers be returned to Israel healthy, that the attacks on Israel cease, and then naturally for Israel to halt military action," she told reporters. (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)

You're just giving a prediction? A baseless, unsupported guess really.

It's simply lip service. They love the Israeli military strikes. There are many Lebanese people that are loving it. Israel is slowly removing the Syrian weeds from the Lebanese garden, and many Lebanese approve.

When was the last time you spoke to a Lebanese individual? I have, and he supports it.

Oh really? "Israel has a right to defend itself."

With nothing really negative to say about the campaign?
"Just make sure you don't topple the Lebanese government."

Yeah that really means they hate the Israeli military campaign.

Skeptic - really man, you aren't doing too well in this thread.

Just like Iraq and the u.s., this will also be disasterious for israel if they don't stop
Really? Someone likes to assume.

American support, German, Australian...

Haven't they learned from history? The Israelis? Didn't they win every war they fought?

Uhmmm.. yeah.

Skeptic, lol You should go climb back into your hole. You're not doing yourself any good by coming out of it.

1948 War of Independence, the Israelis were very well equipped lol

Miss P - making no effort to curb Hezbullah's activities and thinking it would just go under the radar is a massive gamble. It's a gamble that has cost Lebanon many lives, airports, highways and navigation of the seas.

Good game Lebanon.

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