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Law School Admissions / Re: complete
« on: October 19, 2006, 10:55:57 AM »
I just sent out my apps a few days ago. I'm wondering what the protocol usually is for schools to notify you that you have gone complete (or to notify you that they are missing application materials). Do they always let you know, and let you know through email, or does it vary?

All sent out at last, except the certification letters and checks for Stanford and Chicago (its 2006, why are do they still use letters and checks?!!).

Now time to make sure I go complete and then the long wait.

The one that annoys me (on several T14 apps) asks if I have any relation to alumni from their school. It annoys me cuz (1) I don't have any relations and have to leave it empty, (2) people who do have some type of relation probably get a legacy boost.

Law School Admissions / Re: 2007 Cycle: Strong, average, or weak?
« on: October 12, 2006, 03:25:12 PM »
true, but on the other hand, LSAT scores are said to improve significantly with this retaking business...


I disagree about how big of an impact this ABA new policy will have, at least for the T14. Very few 170+ test takers retake, and those that do retake, have almost as high as a chance of doing worse. And for this cycle, (1) many schools are still averaging, and even those that take the highest will still consider all scores, (2) due to uncertainty about the exact ramifications of the new policy, I doubt many applicants will take advantage of the policy, as compared to future cycles.

As for the original topic, I'd expect another 5% drop in application volume, so this cycle should be a bit weaker than in the past 3 years. We'll get a better idea when the test volume data comes out for the Sept. LSAT.

5.  finally, the interview.  according to mr. stock, harvard interviewed about 1,000 applicants last year.  apparently, it didn't make that much difference except in two cases:
a.  you had something on your record that needed a little clearing up or
b.  you were an a-hole on the phone.

Then why bother interviewing everydamnbody?

To verify 5b.

Law School Admissions / Re: Fee Waiver Rollcall
« on: October 10, 2006, 06:33:20 PM »
Charleston School of Law fee waiver via snail mail

Nice...adding it to the list now. 

I finally got my Columbia viewbook and an additional letter from NALSA.  I was impressed enough to want to apply and almost did, but then I remembered that dean certs from all schools would have to be gathered along with how little I want to live in New York city (0%) and reality came crashing back down on my airy thoughts.  Ah well.  It was a nice moment.

Got the NALSA letter as well. The small envelope made me think for a split-second they were rejecting me in advance.

I wish HYS sent out waivers or viewbooks. Sort of a signal of whether or not one has a chance and should even bother applying.

Canadian Law Students / Re: "School Submissions" section on OUAC web site
« on: October 06, 2006, 09:03:10 PM »
Hey fellas.
So I am actually applying for Canadian schools and today I was looking at the "School Submissions" section on the OUAC web site. The personal statement would be a requirement, obviously, but I see that all these different requirements for each school. For example, Ottawa U says, in addition to the PS:
2) Describe the event which affected your academic performance.
3) Specify the academic term(s) for which special circumstances have affected your grades. (* Eg. F1 to W2 (F is fall term; W is winter term; 1 and 2 is academic year))
So do I need to complete three things for them? What if I don't have one obvious f*ckup semester.. so that means I don't have to write 3), right? Then do I still need to write 2)?? I am a bit confused. Also, Osgood wants:
1. Discuss how your academic and non-academic experience has prepared you for the study of law. (2000 characters)
2. Discuss the significance of a law degree in light of your goals. (2000 characters)

Could I use my general PS for #1?

I guess I should be e-mailing the admissions offices themselves.. but I thought I'd throw this out there for all as well. BITE IT!!! haha.. BTW, are Canadian aspiring law students just generally reticent or do we have a special board somewhere separate? I'd like to know.

No clue on the UOttawa thing, not applying there. I guess a school like UOttawa expects applicants and matriculants who tend to f**k up (jk :D).

For Osgoode, I guess you could use your PS for (1) if it answers the question and meets the character limit.

As for aspiring Canadian law students, its both - there is a separate board and not many people post on it (relative to LSD). The URL is

Canadian Law Students / Re: What Schools would you take over UofT?
« on: September 27, 2006, 11:53:52 PM »
Toronto might be the best city in the world. 
The tuition costs are better. 
And if you ever do choose to relocate UofT has the reputation of being our "Harvard" and will give you tremendous pull anywhere.  On par with that of HYS. 

I don't want to start a major argument or anything but:

1. TO is a great city but I think its a bit overly subjective (and Mel Lastman-like) to call it possibly the best city in the world.

2. Let's not carried away. UofT does not have the sway of HYS and is not on par with those schools in almost any meaningful way.

You are definitely right that going to UofT is a lot cheaper and you do avoid pesky visa and immigration issues, which are probably worse now in the post-911, illegal immigrant paranoid US. If you want to stay in Canada, then yeah, UofT is a no-brainer and its better than HYS.

I personally would take the upper half of the T14 over UofT with extra sensitivity for money offers. Hopefully in 3-5 months time, I'll be in a position to actually make that decision.

Michigan has definitely shot up my own personal rankings. I mean with the fee waiver+handwritten notes+package and then the email with 60k opportunity, Sarah Zearfoss is becoming one of my new best friends. After spending a few hours on their site to find material for the Why Mich Essay, the school definitely seems a lot more appealing. The only downsides are prestige (relative to HYSCCN) and Ann Arbor, which might be nice, but I prefer big cities, not located in the midwest.

I'm kinda curious too if Mich has always done this or this year they're really trying to make a move in the USNEWS rankings. If Michigan keeps up this type of attention, I think I'll feel obligated to go.

Law School Admissions / Re: Fee Waiver Rollcall
« on: September 26, 2006, 06:21:25 PM »

I got the nice Michigan email too about the 20K/year and I doubt its based on just LSAT requiring 177+ since my LSN would show otherwise. The email (written by the dean of admissions, Sarah Zar...I'll get it right eventually) also talked a bit about Michigan's admissions philosophy and how they are well-known to focus on soft factors.

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