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Acceptances / Re: Accepted at Buffalo!
« on: February 04, 2008, 02:15:37 PM »
Just sent you a PM, but I'm not sure if it went through?

your PM probably went thru, but i don't have access to my private e-mails at work.  THEY BLOCK EVERYTHING!!  >:(  except for LSD, of course.

so, i'll check you pm later and i'll more than likely respond w/LOTS of quesitons, if you don't mind.

Reviews, Visits, and Rankings / Re: Buffalo...the temptation is there!
« on: February 04, 2008, 02:12:44 PM »
I think that Buffalo would be a good option for you at this point.  Though the economy, as with all of upstate New York, is hardly thriving, there are a lot of opportunities in government and the private sector there.  You mentioned the DA's office, but there would also be an opportunity at the US Attorney's Office.  I'd talk to some of the students from UB, see what their take is.  It will ABSOLUTELY be a huge change for you, living-wise.  I made the opposite transition, grew up in Buffalo and am going to law school in NYC, so if you'd like to learn about the area you can always PM me.  I'm obviously biased, but I know that the opportunities are there if you stand out in a crowd.  Also, if you're interested in any public interest, or become interested while going to school, it's a great city to start.

I'm also considering Buffalo at this point.  I lived in NYC my entire life (i'm in Queens now) and for some reason, i'm itching to get out and live someplace where i can have something to show for my hard work.  I thought maybe attending SUNYB would give me the opportunity to get out of the city w/o going to far.  Since you did the opposite, can i also pm you w/questions?  I would love to hear your opinions on some things.

Also, since you grew up there, what are the high schools like?  If i decide to move, my kid would be starting 10th grade up there.

Thanks  :)

Acceptances / Re: Accepted at Buffalo!
« on: February 04, 2008, 10:57:46 AM »
the wait is over & i'm in!!  ;D
i'm going up there for a week to check out the school and the area.

Congrats ADL, I'm so happy for you!   ;D

Have you been up there before?  I could recommend some great places for you...

Thanks Maddie!
& no, i've never been there before.  i'm driving up to visit in 2wks and i would appreciate any recommendations you have.  are you from the area?

Acceptances / Re: Accepted at Buffalo!
« on: February 01, 2008, 01:52:03 PM »
the wait is over & i'm in!!  ;D
i'm going up there for a week to check out the school and the area.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: do i really need to drink more water?
« on: January 22, 2008, 10:37:05 AM »

Reverend Al, please sit down.

al's media whoring mighta caught up with him....the fed's are mad at him for letting one of them dudes that broke outta jail slide to mexico...talking about obstruction of justice and such....hope they have good perms in jail

 :D :D :D

it's moot b/c of the acceptance of apology by Tiger and her 2wk suspension.

Black Law Student Discussion Board / Re: The Thread on Politics
« on: January 09, 2008, 10:56:11 AM »
it's over. nbc called it and ap did too.

it was the crocodile tears. tears of a clown.

Yeah, the [insert Statistic's term] (j/k miss p) cried, and people felt sorry for her.  Told you that was a good stunt.

mos def. i bet you she beat obama among women 2 to 1.

 :D  The Tears = 47% of the Female vote.  D'oh!

Two thoughts:  first of all, the polls jinxed it talking about Obama is up by double digits.  People don't like to be told what to do.  So anytime you have a situation like that where you're trying to project that Obama is up by double digits, folks are feeling constrained like they don't have a choice.  Thus, vote the other way.

Second, when Tom Bradley ran for mayor of L.A. the first time, the exit polls showed him up among white voters by a substantial %.  When the votes came back he lost.  In other words, white people said they were voting for him because it was the fashionable thing to say, but when they went into that booth....a different story.

Question, not that I want it to happen but in the event that Edwards drops out of the race - who does his piece of the pie go to?

this is what i am afraid of, if Obama gets the Dem nomination and runs against (enter republican here), that all those white people who are so adamant about how things have changed in this country and race will not determine who gets elected, will go behind the curtain and vote how they really want to.
is it me or do some of them seem TOO eager to back Obama?  maybe i'm just too cynical.

I went to Studio B in Bklyn to see Slick Rick perform and hear Moby spin...i danced so much, my body still hurts.  :P

Word?  I bet that was nice.  What was the scene like there?

it's really laid back as far as attire goes.  some people had on jeans & sneakers, while others were dressed up for the occassion.  the crowd was great!  everyone was there to party, not to pose or fight.  there was a good mixture of people from different backgrounds, which to me, always makes the party better. the dance floor is a nice size & there's a lounge area off to the side.  i never made my way over to the couches...i was too busy dancing!  :D

it was the best decision i made as far as NYE goes.  it was only $30 to get in w/open bar for 2 hrs. & the!  the party was from 8-8 but i couldn't last any longer than 4:30, by then my friend & i were cripple.

here's the website if you want to check it out: 

there's a pretty eclectic mix of performers coming up.

I went to Studio B in Bklyn to see Slick Rick perform and hear Moby spin...i danced so much, my body still hurts.  :P

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