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Politics and Law-Related News / Re: POTUS
« on: February 26, 2017, 05:49:36 AM »
I cant wait for hillarys new book.  But only because I want to ser how much time she spends going around the country to publicize it.

I bet she shows up in NYC , Chicago, Los Angeles, san Francisco, and that is about it....maybe just NYC and l.a.

I hope she continues to try to stay relevant.....although its hard when you are a half-baked cookie maker.

Maybe Hillary should go on dancing with the stars....that is the go to spot for "washed up" celebrities.

She should not be turning down job opportunities like dancing with the stars....i would tune in to watch her train wreck on national tv.

Black Law Students / Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« on: February 26, 2017, 05:41:56 AM »
Well written.

Politics and Law-Related News / Re: POTUS
« on: February 23, 2017, 06:28:45 AM »
The fragmentation is within the Democratic Party and "dueling progressive agendas"  and in the Republican Party between civil libertarianism and establishment conservatism.

I essentially agree about the basis of the Democratic split, but I think the Republican split I far more damaging to their overall chances.

The Republican split is at least a three way between establishments (Bush), libertarians (Paul), and religious conservatives (Huckabee, Santorum, etc).

 I would argue that at this point the Republicans are in a real bind, a Catch-22. Candidates can't win the nomination or the general election without the evangelicals stepping up and voting, but they're doomed with independents if they appear too evangelical themselves.

The Republicans have allowed this far right element of the party to wield too much influence for too long, and now it's biting them on the a$$.

Even though I'm a Democrat, I hope they figure it out and find a way to be nationally competitive. I don't want there to be one party rule for the next few decades. Competition is good for political parties, it helps minimize corruption. California is a one party state, and look where it got us.

I think that the fragmentation of the Democratic Party is going to lead to a serious lack of enthusiasm at the polls.  Obama dems, and the national Democratic Party;  establishment dems and Reagan/Bill Clinton dems, and the levels of progressives who support people like e. Warren, b Deblasio and b. Sanders. If someone with a true progressive populist agenda wins the nomination then enthusiasm will be up but I think that if clinton makes it to the primaries and wins the nomination she will face the tsunami horde of the entire right wing of the Republican Party.   Then we will have as we independents like to call the "4 year shot"'s what the democrats had in 2008 and 2009.   The dems have a strange dynamic this time around with clinton/ reminds me of when the pubs ran bob Dole).  and the pubs have the same dynamic they always have but there are not 2 candidates to watch---there are many candidates to watch.

Politics and Law-Related News / Re: POTUS
« on: February 21, 2017, 06:43:05 AM »
...cristy Kenny--fired!
...tom countryman--fired!
...patrick Kennedy---fired!

Great news....they really are gone...

Lets get the business as usual worms out of the state department.

Politics and Law-Related News / Re: POTUS
« on: February 21, 2017, 05:51:36 AM »

Pleas Print.

Politics and Law-Related News / Re: POTUS
« on: February 21, 2017, 05:48:16 AM »

Loki!!!!! I have an article from a periodical for you, my friend.....

So? Any lawyer on this board now think the democratic party isn't morbidly fractured that it is going to take a long long time to repair?

Those like lol and maintenance.....

Understand, I'm sure they do that the Republican party is restructuring.....but seriously IN POWER?

Libertarians are taking over Pennsylvania.

.....then there is this from a periodical.

...Next, let’s debunk my least favorite rumor about Hillary Clinton, that she is some kind of Democratic Party leader who would put the Democratic Party above everything and save us in these trying Trumpian times. Hillary Clinton has run two national primary elections for the presidency. In both, she complained about the negative “attacks” she received, claiming she wanted a primary based on the issues while her spin team (more commonly known as the main stream media) went after the religious beliefs of her enemies (Obama pictured in a turban, obviously trying to play off the nation’s islamophobic tendencies and WikiLeaks proved that the DNC, in coordination with the Clinton camp, questioned whether Bernie Sanders is Jewish or atheist). She called on her supporters (Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand) to come out and question whether Bernie Sanders truly cared about the Sandy Hook shooting victims, over a gun law (Sanders believes that you should not be able to sue a gun manufacturer after a mass shooting, like you can’t sue a car company after a car accident). After the Election, Hillary gave a speech to her donors in NYC and gave a speech for Senators during Sen. Harry Reid’s farewell, she took the time to blame “fake news” for costing her the election. She never made it to Standing Rock (Malia Obama made it to the protests), she didn’t go to the Women’s March (those who say she wasn’t invited, get off your high horse; millions of people took to the streets and none of them had an invite) she didn’t go to the spontaneous airport protests, like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Rep. John Lewis, and others. She hasn’t aided in the town hall protests, nor has she done anything to aid the regular people after she lost. All she does is send tweets poking at Trump every once in awhile that don’t land as well as she would like because it’s a lot harder to get under someone’s skin after they just beat you. She sulked for a while, then signed a book deal and went back to giving speeches for the rich and powerful. Hillary may stand for the Democrats in Washington and the party elites but she certainly does not stand with us, the people of the Democratic party. This is classic Hillary Clinton: put in the least amount of work for the real people and then take credit and let the Clinton machine’s enormous “spin” team take over and try to shape public opinion. Again, I cannot let this go without reiterating, some of Clinton’s biggest supporters were in the media itself, giving an obvious bias for Clinton.

Politics and Law-Related News / Re: POTUS
« on: February 16, 2017, 03:28:07 PM »
Sorry 92513😉

Politics and Law-Related News / Re: POTUS
« on: February 16, 2017, 03:27:03 PM »

Thank god Hillary is lazy and prefers getting fake applause for doing nothing as she shows up for 4 Broadway shows....and a no show on the campaign trail in the rust belt....

She lazy....think I was kidding.

No stamina....HA!

...its like Sally Field playing a soap star who goes to the mall to be recognized....

Cancel the fireworks already Hillary. 

You are toast!  Like I said 1 year ago.

.....i am following the slow crash 💥 of the Clinton foundation now!!!!
Such fun

Politics and Law-Related News / Re: POTUS
« on: February 14, 2017, 06:57:12 AM »

Hillarys first two batches of cookies did not turn out the way she liked.  She got very angry and has become bitter as she vents and rants on twitter....

Hillary....go get some nice eggs some good old brown sugar and try again....because this is your life now.

Hillary, might just be delusional and thinks she is still running for office.

Oh well its a fun train wreck to watch....

As we find out (Nate silver has confirmed) that it truly was a huge silent majority who came out to vote against Hillary Clinton and for radical change...

In the Midwest, for example, it wasn’t just Michigan and Wisconsin that became much redder..... So did Minnesota, Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota and South Dakota,....add PA, Michigan Wisconsin....

Silent majority voted!  Not for Clinton.

Politics and Law-Related News / Re: POTUS
« on: February 13, 2017, 07:13:13 AM »

Democrats need to focus on economic issues---leave "identity politics" or racist politics behind or trump will own another 4years.

Nobody but Hillary Clinton apologists believe in it.

Even an openly homosexual doesn't give a *&^% about who is whom when his family is out of work.

Tell it to the sea!!!!!
You will be out of politics for a long time.

No one cares that the president called Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas....maybe those with a good job care....nobody else.

They should leave  sexism behind them as well......why?

Because when Republican women are attacked it is NOW seen as sexist....even if you are attacking a point of view they have....cuts both ways.


We are all affected by the economy....

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