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Law School Admissions / Your ranking in your faculty
« on: October 05, 2006, 08:35:49 PM »
At one point I asked the admin office at my faculty for a dean's certification. They sent me an email later stating that my GPA ranks in the top 25% of the faculty. Here's the problem:

Ivey says: If you're not in the top 20$ of your class, don't point out that you're closer to the average. List it only if it's official. (this email was not exactly official).

But you'll see from my LSN that my GPA isn't very high, so it would help to provide this ranking say on a resume. Also my transcripts show the class average of every class i've taken.

So should I point this ranking out or not?

Canadian Law Students / Strongest Reputation in the states
« on: October 01, 2006, 12:07:53 AM »
From what I've heard the only Canadian names that carry any weight in the US is U of Toronoto and McGill.

What does everyone else think?

I don't think I'll be able to get a 2nd academic reference until after November 1st.
So should I apply early decision on 1 academic and 1 professional (I'm straight out of ugrad, the professional is from a co-op term) and hope that I can get the 2nd academic in before they start reviewing it.

Or should I hold off and apply regular towards the end of november with 2 academic or 2 academic + 1 professional?

Tell me what you guys think of this tactic:

I'm in a technical undergrad so I've learnt most of the topics by myself. Snell's law is snell's law, there's nothing metaphysical about it.

For LOR 1: I approached a professor I had last semester, he asked me to write it for him.

For LOR 2: I approached two professors that I have this semester, emaiiled them before classes even started and told them straight up that I needed LORs for law schools. I then said, "I realize you don't know me very well, I'm willing to do extra course work for no credit so that you can assess me better". They both agreed, I'm meeting with one of them to discuss the topic of an extra essay with him next week.

I should get my first LOR soon, and my second LOR should show up around hopefully mid-november. What do you think of this tactic?

Anyone willing to read my general personal statement. If schools ask for a statement of purpose, I'll use this as my diversity statement.

feel free to comment, however specific or broad.

Thanks in advance.

Canadian Law Students / addendum to explain CEGEp
« on: August 23, 2006, 10:24:56 PM »
Do American adcomms know the Quebec education system well? Because with CEGEP I'm afraid that it looks like I attended a community college before going to university.
And then had to take 7 semesters to get my bachelor's in engineering from McGill where it actually is a 7 semester program. That's not a huge problem because I took full course load every semester.

But should I provide a addendum for my CEGEP studies? Should I put it on faith that they'll know what it is. My grades from CEGEP were pretty high (89.5%) but it was also much easier.

Ok, so I'm about to finish my electrical engineering degree. No doubt that it's highly technical and not the typical prep for law school. In that case must I write about why I am pursuing law? I mean there is definitely a good deal of engineering and science grads pursuing law so it can't be that unique. that said, I'm afraid that if I don't address the issue, the adcomms might see this as me choosing the wrong degree. I certainly dn't regret doing engineering and think that it's very good prep for law school but if I dn't say it they wont' know it.

Anyways, I'm going to write one anyways and one on my diversity. See what you think.

Ok so I'm born in China.
I immigrated when I was 7 years old. didn't learn english until then.
I don't speak English at home, I speak Mandarin.
I speak fluent English, French, Mandarin. And enough Spanish to find my way home on a vacation.
But throughout HS I was usually top of class in English, and most of my friends speak 3-4 languages and don't speak English at home.
So I don't feel it's something special at all, but a lot of law schools certainly seem interested in it.

How would I go about conveying this in my personal statement?

Studying for the LSAT / LSD/LSAT Moratorium
« on: June 29, 2006, 07:48:21 AM »
Bye Y'all.
I'm going on a self-imposed moratorium.
I know I won't be missed but the tension of people on this board and of me waiting for my score is definitely counter-productive.
Next time you see me, if you all remember me, I'm gonna be asking you for admission advice (assuming I don't need to repeat the LSAT).

Bye  :-\

Law School Admissions / TOEFL requirement and difficulty
« on: June 15, 2006, 10:16:10 PM »
Just browsing through the admission process for Duke.
says I need a toefl if my first language is not English and I attend an undergraduate school outside the US.
I'm born in Shanghai, so the first language is Chinese, but my English is much better. And well, my university is english although you have the option of submitting all essays in both english or french. Do I need to take the toefl?

If so, has anyone taken it before? how hard is it? Do I need to prep for it like I did the LSAT?

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