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Glad to be of help.

If you just want it to further your current career and not to practice. There is the EJD Option (can't sit the bar, but no fybx requirment and about 20 less credits required to graduate)
(I believe Concord is the only "Regionally Accredited" EJD available)

The Executive JD (EJDsm) is a unique law degree program pioneered by Concord Law School. The Executive Juris Doctor program provides individuals with an interest in the law, or those whose career would benefit from advanced legal knowledge, the opportunity to participate in law school courses without the regulatory hurdles associated with becoming a member of the Bar.

The program attracts a wide range of professionals including business people, health care administrators, and teachers who appreciate the challenging curriculum and interaction found at Concord Law School. Through their studies, they gain a sophisticated knowledge of the law and sharpen their analytical reasoning and communication skills.

The Executive Juris Doctor program is a 72-unit, three-year, part-time program. After the first year, during which the EJD students take the same foundational courses required of the Juris Doctor student, there is a great deal of flexibility in course selection. In the second and third years, EJD students are encouraged to construct a curriculum plan centered on their interests and career needs. Enrollees also have somewhat more flexibility in their pace of study as they are not required to adhere to the strict guidelines of the State Bar of California.

Can't dumb it down much more than that really. It's just pretty much what it is.

Why do you even want to do this again? It dosn't sound like you have any ambition, and that pretty much kills the horse before it gets out of the barn.

It may sound like I have no ambition but I do. Anytime I can get the real, I want the real. All I can do is thank you for keeping it real.
Fair enough. So you pick one to apply to yet?

Regardless of your choice, schedule an lsat test date. Regardless of the school you pick, that is step#1. Without it, any converstation about it is purely academic.

Elaborate on 1L is a year long standardize test??

Your grades in law school will usually be based on just one exam at the end of each semester. Law school exams are very difficult, comprehensive, stressful affairs for most people. You will spend the entire semester preparing for just one exam. They are nothing like the exams you took in undergrad, and you'll actually be competing for grades with your classmates. A level of performance that would have gotten you a solid "A" in undergrad might get you a C- in law school.

I suppose that law school exams aren't standardized in the strict sense, since each professor creates their own exam, but the format (essay) and topics don't really vary. The point is, if you have a tough time with standardized exams law school is going to be very challenging.

I almost forgot: you will also have to pass the MPRE to graduate, which is a standardized exam.
You have to take the MPRE and the MBE to be licensed, but I have never heard of a school requiring it to graduate.

Can't dumb it down much more than that really. It's just pretty much what it is.

Why do you even want to do this again? It dosn't sound like you have any ambition, and that pretty much kills the horse before it gets out of the barn.

As may this:

As you can see, pretty much everyone fails it. If you hate standardized tests, that is a death sentence.

-Avoid it like the plague.

What LSAT score do the CBE schools usually require? I assume 140s? If so, you should be fine if you previously scored high enough to get into a T2.

I'm not sure of the CBE school LSAT requirement, but it is probably around 140 or lower.  If I decide to do this (I am getting tired of standardized tests, for sure) my LSAT retake circumstances will be much different than my first time around.  The first time I was in undergrad summer school for 16 units, working 6 days a week, plus taking a LSAT prep class on my only day off.  By the time the test rolled around, burn out was starting to set in.  This time around I will take my time really practicing logic games and reasoning prep.  I am not in any rush.
Don't be too shocked if the score actually goes down.
While in school full time you were daily in that type of thinking, not so much after graduation.
You may want to consider an lsat prep course if planning anything other than CBE.
(if you do go CBE at least go to a physical campus one, they tend to be fybx exempt-that exam is the WORST standardized exam you can imagine, more fail it than fail the bar)
Employers would want to see one actually accredited and not just approved. JFKU would be a good example.

This article also may be of interest to you:

If you are not willing to get any deeper in student loan debt, then get at least a 160 on the lsat and go to Cooley, otherwise I don't doubt you can get back in, but the debt will continue to build.

I might add, it's pretty standard in college too to have the professor use their own book.
Must resist urge to be Grammar Nazi on a Prof.........Resisting....... ........ 8)

Minority Topics / Re: Should North African Arabs be considered URMs?
« on: October 16, 2012, 02:03:31 AM »
(no one in their right might would ever ask you to "prove" you had slave relatives, find one example anywhere if you want to prove me wrong)

A battle of wits against an unarmed opponent.

Of course no one has to prove "slave relatives", and no, dicta is not law. Your powers of perception are amazing. Yes, Obama (a black American of African descent) is certainly African American. That's exactly my point.

The answer is because "African American" has a specific meaning; it describes black Americans of African descent.


Please go back to preparing to fail the bar exam.
Yes, my actually understanding what dicta is and what a URM is (and your follow up of "oh wait I said the opposit, but no duh) makes me such a failure. -Run for Politics Son, your made for it.

For some of you curren law school students and current lawyers....with my GPA what would be the absolute lowest estimated LSAT score I could get and still get into a law school? I know it sounds underachieving but I hate standardize tests.

1L is a year long standardized test. If you can't take that, don't go.

The score varies by school. Online and CBE ones often don't even require it at all. (but most of their students never become attorneys either)

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