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Law School Admissions / Re: Texas Tech Fall 2006
« on: June 09, 2006, 08:13:06 PM »
Yeah so I just now got on here--I'm on our facebk group so hi to everyone.  Can't wait to start in August and meet my fellow 1Ls. 

I finally decided to join so I could comment on the whole TTU football fanbase!  Everyone in or from Lbk already knows, but I'd definitely be prepared for some of the crudest, creative expletives you've ever heard.  But it makes for a really enriching college football game  :D 

Btw, is anyone else really chomping at the bits to get their section number and schedule?  I somehow managed to go through 4 years w/only one 8am still trying to process that that's more than likely going to come to an end... :-\

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