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Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / Novus Law School
« on: September 02, 2012, 10:46:09 AM »
I just graduated from Novus Law School-non-ABA or accredited- in August 2012.  The school fit my needs and I work as a paralegal for a law firm.  I do everything an attorney does but go to court and give legal advice. This school is not for everyone so read carefully.  You could take the bar exam in some states, so read the requirements.  My experience was good, no problems with the staff or school getting assignments graded.  I spent one year at Concord Law School which allows you to take the CA Bar Exam.  Look at the success rate of passing the exam-low.  Oakbrook Law School would be my choice for cost and bar passing rate if you want to take the CA bar.  I was not interested in taking the bar at age 65-nor to take on that much debt-so I switched to Novus.  My experience was good at Novus, you learn what you put into the program.  I am a retired college professor and self-directed learning was my focus while a professor, to fit the needs of a non-traditional student. You must be disciplined to get through any self-study program, Novus and all the online schools are  a real challenge for those who aren't-so be aware of the challenge to complete the program at Novus in two years, I did complete in two years.  I hope this answers questions about Novus Law School.

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