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Worked FT all through UG, and will be 3 years out when I enroll next fall... I truly appreciate the help! Thnx.

As an adolescent growing up in a blue collar family, one thing that I knew I would be doing the majority of my life would be working. My parents, both of which are required to work full-time to support my sister and I, know all too well of the sacrifices that must be made in order to allow their children access to the opportunities that they themselves never had. At the time, I did not know how perceive the hard work and dedication my parents endured. It was not until I made my own choice to enter the workforce that I not only began to appreciate what my parents have done, but also how I have become keen in every decision I have made leading to my successes.

I was a 17 year old high school senior when I earned my first full-time position with XXX. Being shown firsthand what hard work and dedication could accomplish led to some of the most fruitful experiences I could have imagined throughout my college carrier. Although not a traditional college experience, I elected to attend my local community college full-time while balancing a 40-hour work week. Although being tough to balance, working not only allowed me to develop skills I could not learn in the classroom, but most importantly paved the way for an alternative environment to apply what I was learning in the classroom.

Managing my way through the organization, I had gained the full-fledged confidence in myself to achieve anything that I set my mind to. Transferring to XXX University my junior year was a testament to my devotion to myself and the battles fought through my college experience. Becoming a leader within XXX gave me the flexibility needed to be able put more emphasis on my school work, and allowed me to excel. While continuing to balance a 40 plus-hour work week, I became determined to set myself apart in order gain admission into the highly sought after Honors Marketing Program. This determination in junction with both my experience from work and performance in the classroom certified my entry into the program. Having led a team outside an academic setting, I was easily able to adapt to my peers whom I would spend the next year with, and was able to amerce as a leader in the classroom. In addition, I was able to fine tune my written and oral communication skills, as well as gain more tangible real world experience.

From both successes with my tenure with XXX and in the classroom, I was offered the opportunity of my current with XXX as an Account Manager. It is here where I have been able to interact and negotiate with legal teams both within my organization and my customers on a weekly basis. As I have become more accustomed to this process, I have grown an astonishing passion and interest in shifting my career into Business Law. Still need more hereÖ. Rough draft right?

Law School Admissions / Looking for help!!! Work/GPA ?'s
« on: August 22, 2012, 03:26:38 PM »
Hi Everyone!

I worked full-time throughout UG (all 4 years), and will have 2.5-years of full-time experience out of UG (7 years total) when I apply this fall. I also currently hold a 157 LSAT, and a 3.3 LSDAS (3.6 on transcript). I'm looking to see if anyone can provide feedback on the below questions..? I'd also like to note that I'm either looking at either DePaul, Kent, or Loyola... Thanks everyone!

1) How much emphasis should I put in my PS on my work experience? Iím really short on ideas and think this might be a good place to start.

2) How much consideration do admission committees give FT work experience (especially during UG)? Iím curious to know if it can help compensate my application due to the impact on my LSDAS GPA (-.3 points)Ö

Thanks Everyone!

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