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While reading the descriptions of law schools, I realized that many have a emphasis on their libraries, talking about their wireless, or 24-hours opening, or large volume, and so on. My questions, how does a library affect your life in law school? Do you study a lot in the library? Do you do a lot research in law school? Should I consider library as one major factor when choosing a law schools? If so, why and what should I be looking for about their libraries?

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Concentrations is generally better than non-concentrations, isn't it?

I am trying to define which one is the best between: Certificate program, concentration, and JD/MA. Can someone explain the differences and effects between the three?

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I just started picking my law schools, which I will apply for next year. While reading the descriptions of some schools, they mentioned that they have "certificate programs." What is a "certificate program?" It is not equvenlent with a bar test, right? Then what is special about this program and getting the certificate?

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I just graduated from college, and now studying for my LSAT. I wish to work in a law firm as an assistant, you know, the non-lawyer one but get my feet wet in the field by watching and learning. However, I have no idea how do these firms hire assistants. Any suggestions about where to look?

Also, any suggestions about what kind of skills and highlights they'd been looking for?

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

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