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Hello, other non-traditional students!

I am newly enrolled to finish undergraduate studies so that I can pursue a second career in law.  I was a practicing nurse up until about three years ago, when my life changed drastically.  I was injured by a physician in a manner that prohibited me from continuing to practice nursing.  After spending three years studying under my fabulous lawyer, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to leave medicine behind entirely and, hopefully, someday help others who are put in the same situation I was.  I am very fortunate to have my schooling paid for - it was written into my settlement - and to have a job offer waiting for me when I successfully complete my schooling. 

I have an ADN, so I will be spending the next two years at Evergreen State College in beautiful Olympia, Washington, where I will turn my associate's degree into a Bachelor's of Arts and Sciences in Medical Public Policy and Law.  I am glad to meet all of the other adults here wading through a sea of people younger, quicker, and waay more energetic that we might be!   ;) 

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