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I submitted to the bar my Character and Fitness Application and am sitting for the July 2016 Bar in a couple of weeks. Today, I received a letter from committee who was asking for the additional information: i.e. a detailed narrative of my relationship with alcohol and drugs (including time of first use through present, including frequency of use, amounts consumed, and settings in which I generally consumed.
How do I address this?

Hello! I would like to ask for some help on my personal statement. Can someone please read? I will pm!

yes I did, they said just disclose and make sure there is ample time between applying and the past background (for me it was 3 years and they said it was okay).

Is my disclosure too specific? should I just make it straight to the point?

I know it is long, I am currently trying to trim it down. But am going in the right direction? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

Hello all,

Im new to the forums and was wondering if you can take a look at my criminal addendum. Is this okay? I will be doing grammatical changes later, but is this addendum in line with what they want? How can I make it better?

On March 30th 2010, I was enrolled in my 2nd year at (University here), and was heading to my next class and had to cross through the campus park to get to my class. Some friends were at a smoking area at a distance and waved at me to come and say hello. I stopped by and noticed that they were smoking marijuana and a police officer at the moment comes and searches everyone. I was guilty of having a fake identification card in my possession. The case became diverted as I had chose to complete their diversion program which consisted of a Drug and Alcohol Awareness course.

   On April 3rd, 2010, I was driving home to (my city here) late around 3AM and a police officer pulled me over due to flashing my lights on a street sign. He told me to get out of my car and searched me. He found four ecstasy pills in my pocket and I was convicted of possession of a controlled substance. Though I was not under the influence of any narcotics, I was guilty of the possession of the controlled substances.  I was able to get this case dismissed by participating in the PC1000 program offered by the judge.

   The convictions above represent the careless and na´ve actions of an immature adolescent who made poor life decisions, which resulted in severe consequences for himself and for the people who supported him in his life.

   I was and am fully responsible for my actions, and was justly punished by the California courts for my legal errors. It would be an huge understatement for me to say that I regret this young and confused part of my adolescent life. I would always look back at what happened and ask myself, “What was I thinking?” and these events would always haunt my thoughts. The shame, the remorse, and the feeling that I let down everyone who cared about me due to my past acts of juvenile delinquency. These events changed my life and pushed me to change my life for the better.

   I feel that I have moved on from that part of my life and since that time, I have made a serious effort to lead my life with maturity, purpose, and personal responsibility. My accomplishments since these irresponsible and immature acts have helped shape the person I want to become. I have put a more stronger emphasis on schoolwork and balanced multiple jobs, working around 30 hours on top of having a rigorous 20 unit courseload. On top of that, I have both participatedin separate Drug and Alcohol Programs which have taught me the dangers of drug use and its impact on people. I have also participated and volunteered in many philanthropies that have been a good cause to many organizations, such as the Blind Children's Learning Center, American Heart Association, Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County, and Orange County Human Society.

   Looking back I feel that I have grown a lot more mature the past 3 years since these incidents and have lived my life for the better. Moving from the immature and careless years, I feel that my maturity has grown. My grades had significantly gone up, and I felt more mature handling my own expenses for rent and living conditions by having multiple jobs. To this day, I still have 3 jobs that I am currently participating in along with the goal of getting into law school and studying the law.


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