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in- Cal Western
out- UALR

Are you planning on taking the summer enrichment course?

At which school?  Cal Western?  I don't think I am moving across the country for a provisional summer program at Cal Western...   ;)

in- Cal Western
out- UALR

Congrats on Cal Western, I'm hoping and praying I get in as well.

Thanks!  I LOVE san diego but without some $$$ I don't think I will be making the move.  Based on LSN data I don't think Cal Western will be giving little ol' me much money...  90K+ is just too much investment considering their rank and job placement record...

Good luck to you on getting in, I am calling them on Monday to inquire about $$$ and if no go then I will withdraw.

in- Cal Western
out- UALR

Accepted at Gonzaga yesterday with my 151 and 3.13!!! Waitlisted at Idaho and Willamette, rejected at Seattle.   

Congrats on Gonzaga!

recent activity for me...
Florida Coastal-$$$

Accepted at Gonzaga yesterday with my 151 and 3.13!!! Waitlisted at Idaho and Willamette, rejected at Seattle.   

Congrats on getting Gonzaga!

recent activity for me...
Florida Coastal--$$$

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: seat deposit at 2 schools?
« on: March 30, 2008, 12:18:18 PM »
I would seriously advise AGAINST the whole 2X deposit thing. LSAC posted a notice warning against it here:

There's a long thread about this here:

It seems to risky in my view to deposit in two places like this. A school may be able to revoke its offer.

There is no language in that LSAC notice that is a warning against doing multiple seat deposits.  It only states that they will notify schools of your accepted status and also the school in which you verbally or financially committed via deposit.  It is up to the individual schools to take whatever action they so desire. 

Tulsa and $24k...  going to the ASD this saturday.  Still waiting on more interesting schools to respond...

First acceptance in the bag,  St. Thomas (FL) and $54k makes me smile!  Lets hope the other schools have such good letters for me. 

Incoming 1Ls / Which order to read these books?
« on: March 17, 2008, 05:46:38 PM »
For those that have read them or some, in which order would you proceed?

I will be reading Turrow's 1L first and then LS Confidential by Miller before I read any of the below books.

Planet Law School 2-- Falcon
Law 101--Feinman
Insiders guide to your first year of LS--Spizman
Acing your first year of LS--Noyes & Noyes
The complete LS companion--Deaver
Introduction to The Study and Practice of Law-- Hegland
An Introduction to Legal Reasoning-- Levi
Starting of Right in LS-- Nygren

and after I get done with these I am gonna browse through these:
Legal Writing in Plain English: A Text With Exercises - Bryan A. Garner
Plain English for Lawyers (5th Edition) - Richard C. Wydick

I like to read. ;D

I started my PS talking about shaving my legs and driving an 18 wheeler.  Do you think it will catch some Adcomms attention?  think they will remember me?

anyone that wants to read it just PM me, I will take a look at yours as well.

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