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Studying for the LSAT / LSAT HELP NOW! Should I......
« on: July 05, 2006, 08:42:16 PM »
I am relatively poor at this point in my life. I have yet to study for the LSAT. I am going to take the LSAT this fall. I am going to get tutoring, but am leaving for Army active duty for the next 17 days, and there is no way I can get any materials from them soon enough. Should I not worry about studying the next two weeks. OR should I get a book from Barnes and Nobles to hold me over- get started; even though this entails spending more money. I don't mind spending the money if it is worth it, but not if it will be wasting it.

So I am applying to law schools this fall, and have been checking into Law School/ Legal Profession for just over a year, as I did not want to make the mistake I did when rushing into GradSchool. I would like to practice in California. I am not totally into rankings, but the world seems to be totally into rankings. Do you guys think it would be better to attend:

Pepperdine (87), Santa Clara (87), U San Fran (93)= Cal Schools
Seton Hall (70) or Rutgers-Camden (65) = Out-O-State

Loyola (65) = Cal School
Villanova (60) or American U. (43) = Out-O-State

Thanks- I am trying to whittle down my list of schools to apply to.

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