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So I posted my 2 cents in off topic board, but it was moved to haterade. I guess if a white man hate blacks that is OK to post, but if an Asian hates blacks well that is just plain haterade.

So I am applying to LS for 07. How much of a bump would a Mexican-American get for LSAT and GPA. I want numbers like "0.25" for GPA, or '2' LSAT points as exaples...concrete numbers. When I applied to Grad school (and got in) I 'declined to state.' Yeah I used to be more idealistic in my youth (a few years ago), but after getting kicked in the teeth by life and love, I feel like I must take advantage of whatever opportunities I can. I don't do it for myself, but for the wife and kids (I don't actually have kids yet, and have never actually been married). So help me.

General Off-Topic Board / if I get into Vanderbilt...
« on: November 05, 2006, 09:47:47 PM »
If I get into Vanderbilt, I am naming my first born son Vanderbilt. I think it is a cool name, and Vandy will be a cool nickname. Cool. Attack!

General Off-Topic Board / Lies from a liar- the WAR
« on: October 19, 2006, 01:24:53 PM »
during World War II there were German personnel wearing American uniforms cruising behind American lines in Western Europe. They spoke perfect 'American' English. You may recall that some were dressed as Military Police, and misdirected the Allies' traffic. Well there was an incedent where a vehicle pulled up to a check point. The Joes in the jeep said they were from such and such Cavalry Company, and they were shot dead. Why because the CAV is not set up like other units. Other units go by the name Company; while CAVALRY is set up as a Troop.

So I am searching the web via GOOGLE, and I come across "Not In Our Name"; a leftist website. There is a suppossed letter from a "Cavalry Scout" who is not happy about the WAR/ Bush. The letter is a fraud. He also says that he is from such and such "COMPANY" and he is supossed to be CAV. The rest of his language/ terminology is definately not that of a soldier, but the fact that he said he was from a COMPANY and not a TROOP makes it certain that this guy is a fraud. If he were in Europe after D-Day and tried to say that, those soldiers at the check point would have shot him. They would have known without a doubt that this guy was not in the Cavalry, and that he was lying.

It is funny that now the our enemy doesn't have to pretend to be American to sew confusion, they are American. The Nazi Soldier of today is this liar. They do a diseervice to every man that has worn the uniform in general, and in particular they dishonor the United States Cavalry. I demand satisfaction. Pistols, sabers or fists.

Studying for the LSAT / first day of LSAT class/ rude awakening.
« on: October 06, 2006, 09:23:24 PM »
So I attended my first Kaplan Class last night, there were three people who had already taken testmasters and were disappointed. Two of them had already taken the LSAT and were going to take it again because of poor performance. There were about 14 of us in the "EXTREME" class, that costs almost 1500 dollar bills. Kaplan uses real LSAT tests, and has all of them on file from 1991 onward. The teacher seemed very good, and was likeable too. Thediagnostic LSAT kicked me in the head- it was very hard, I was tired from being up since 7am (class started at 6pm) and I bombed two of the 6 sections. Also there was this nerdy girl that was tapping her feet like 50 times a minute. It drove me crazy, especially because my mind was weak and tired. I actually asked her not to tap her feet so much before we started the fourth test. She had these short legs that barely reached the floor. When she wasn't tapping them on the floor, she was running at full speed (swinging them), and her heels would click together 70 times a minute as they passed. I just thought this was very inconsiderate. When I asked her not to tap her feet so much, she gave me this look like I was an idiot, but at least she stopped. I left like at 1115pm, and went home and had a bunch of stressful dreams all night, from LSAT ones, to my fencing saber got bent, to my mom was flipping out, to my Army Sgt was on my case. I think I woke up today more tired than when I went to sleep. I am very scarred, and fear the LSAT like never before.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / USC visit
« on: August 24, 2006, 08:51:16 PM »
I visited USC last week on a whim when returning from the Club. The neighborhood around the school is pretty shabby and poor. I did not feel it was dangerous at all. It made Southwestern's neighborhood seem like paradise. But all of this ends when you cross the brick perimeter that surrounds the school. The school is almost all brick, except for the Law building which is pretty ugly and concrete. Beautiful brick buildings are everywhere. Beautiful lawns and roses abound. The girls were also beautiful. The security was very pleasant and helpful. I wandered around and walked through a beautiful brick building with artwork, busts, a fireplace burning with a beautiful mantle. I saw another building with white table cloth and napkins set out for a very formal meal. I prayed in a little chapel about the size of a bedroom that was too cute. People seemd friendlier than the commuter school where I attended Grad school. The law building was closed (after 6pm) so I was not able to enter. Some guy saw me peering through the windows, and asked if I was meeting someone. I told him I was just checking out the law school, he was nice enough- but told me to come back before 6pm next time. Parking was a breeze, and I got to park where I needed to be- as opposed to my Grad school where you park a mile away and have to walk up a hill, then a thousand steps (i recently got a parking ticket at my old grad school because they changed the 10 min free parking to 5 minute- I hated that school because they seriously try to nickle and dime you)The place was clean, with maintenance staff running around like immigrants at a four star hotel. The school was awesome, the surroundings were crappy (and I have low standards- as I said on another post that I liked Southwestern's surroundings). I would love to go to USC. It seemed like an academic community, whereas Southwestern and Loyola seemed like 9-5  schools.

General Off-Topic Board / stress and nightmares
« on: August 24, 2006, 08:30:50 PM »
I can't stop thinking about law school. Even at the bank I jot down lists of schools, their rank (USNEWS memorized), whether they have dorms, how good the surf is, there geographic location. I spend way too much time on this site looking up stuff (Cal schools, maritime law, etc.) And last night I had a dream that I got a 160 on the LSAT and was wait listed at every school I applied to except for La Verne (ABA in 2006)! This dream was too real and the results were posted on a green stick about the size of a broom handle. One stick for La Verne and the other for the many schools that rejected and waitlisted me. I was not this obsessive when I applied to University or even grad school. Not even close. Law school is so much harder to get into what with the LSAC, LSAT, and all the brilliant kids I am competing against. Getting into law school is scarrrry. I usually forget my dreams, so I have probably had dozens of LSAT/ Law Scool nightmares. Just thought I would share this with you all, and was wondering if I am the only applicant suffering from nightmares.

General Off-Topic Board / warning: avoid citi bank cards.
« on: August 18, 2006, 07:27:54 PM »
just wanted to let everyone know not to get a citi bank card. They suck. I have only had problems. I am from California and have had people run up my card in Mossouri, get cash advances in Virginia, change my address so they get my info and statements. This last one really pissed me off, because I called and said I never got a statement. They said well we sent it to 'town you never lived in'. I said that I would feel more comfortable paying my bill after I received a copy of my statement. They said that I would not be charged a late fee or interest. So I thought we corrected the situation. I got charged a late fee and interest, and have spent alot of time arguing with them. I will have my card paid off in one and a half more months, and then I am done with them and their bad service. So if you don't want to be a victim stay away from CitiCards, they lie, have bad security, and don't care.

General Off-Topic Board / Intolerant Left
« on: August 04, 2006, 10:04:15 PM »
So I got a call that leftist protesters were in front of the local theater. So I put on my combat boots, a t-shirt from a place I did some training, made a sign that said "I (heart) BUSH" and grabed an American Flag. These people wer very intolerant. They tried to get in my way, used profanity, said outlandish things like "9-11" was a conspiracy, where we bombed our own towers. One guy was sweeping the gutter with the American Flag. They tried to bully me until they saw me stick out my chest and stand up tall, and point with at them with authority as I told them they were invading my space. I did not threaten them, but I just looked strong. I told them to keep their distance because I reserve the right to defend my self. Of course they wanted to fight as they backed off, sounding oh so tuff. So they cussed, and used profanity. I think profanity has it's place among adults, but I pointed out that there were children sitting around eating dinner at the cafe, and that we should not use foul language in front of them. They seemed like rabied dogs, and were just as dirty. Then one of them threw his sign at me (from behind), it missed and went into the street. Their favorite insult was that I was gay/ a fag/ was gay for Bush, etc. these are the leftist that claim to support this group. I neither support them, nor am against them- and my best friend turned out to be homo after college. But the left claims to support gays, yet they kept saying I was a fag, a homo, etc. Well I got alot of thumbs up, fists of support , GOD bless America, etc. Our side did not honk, we were the silent majority. Our side did not cuss out the hippies though hippies driving by cussed me out. THE SILENT MAJORITY was respectful, the left only showed disrespect, and their foul language (chanting) could be heard from over 40 meters.

PS it really pissed them off when I said BUSH won the white house twice, and that they will be sorry again in four years because idiots like them lose the elections for Democrats. I also said "repeat."

Choosing the Right Law School / which is preppy?
« on: August 02, 2006, 10:31:56 PM »
So I went to a preppy private school for High School, a liberal arts hippy school in NorCal for BA, a leftist commuter school in SoCal for MA, and I want to go to a preppy law school and return to my educational roots. It would be nice to share interests with classmates like sailing, gin and tonics, and topsiders. Also I would like to be around those kinds of girls because I would hope to get my J.D. and my MRS. I am not talking about Abercrombie Preppy which is the anti-Christ/ false-god of prep-dom either. I am not stupid and would not pick a school ranked Tier 4 over #65, but maybe I would pick an 87 over a 65. I just want to know what the culture is like at these schools, because I FEEL that it is important to ME. It is hard being a conservative preppy at some schools, and I would like to be around people similar to myself for once (outside of yachting).

Anyway, here is my list of schools by US News rank, please reorder them in terms of preppiness:

San Diego
Santa Clara
San Francisco
La Verne (I hope I don't do this poorly on LSAT)

I also like these out of state schools but probably won't attend

Washington & Lee
William & Mary
George Mason
Seton Hall

also if you just want to throw in other random schools that are preppy that you know of- feel free.

thanks and if you are just going to insult me because I am preppy/ conservative save us both the trouble.

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