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(1) Obama said during the primary season that he would vote to block blanket immunity for telecommunications companies in connection with post-Sept. 11 eavesdropping. Now that he got the nomination, he's announced he'll vote in favor of immunity.

(2) During the primaries, Obama said he would insist on renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement to stop Mexico and Canada from abusing the system to harm the American economy. Now victorious, he supports the existing agreement.

(3) While seeking left-wing votes for the nomination, he said he would meet with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad without preconditions. The nomination sewn up, he no longer has any such intention.

(4) Filled with primary fervor, he said he could "no more disown Jeremiah Wright than his own grandmother." A few months later, he disowned him.

(5) Obama pledged unconditionally that he would accept public financing during the general election while he was talking to left-wing voters who despise the "fat cats." Now that he's been anointed, he's rejected public funding.

(6) An editorial in the Post adds yet another: Obama promised during the primary season to participate in a series of inclusive town-hall meetings with his opponent John McCain. McCain is still ready to do it, but now as the front runner Obama is backing out like a cowardly and very common politician. Change you can believe in?


Financial Aid / How long for Grad Plus process= $$$$.
« on: June 03, 2008, 01:01:08 PM »

from the point I apply to the point I get $$$$$$$$$$.

General Off-Topic Board / Obama is destroying America
« on: March 20, 2008, 05:50:28 PM »
Hillary saluted the flag, but Barak kept his hands by his side. His pastor hates America, and even though he was a member of that church for 20+ yrs, he was not aware. Obama is either stupid or a liar.

I cannot find it. I called and lady made it seem so ez- wher do I find this form???

How do you reword a sentence that starts with "I have found...I Did... I am..."I use too many 'I......" and I find it annoying and redundant. I need help. Examples of a dif sentence structure.

Oh shoot I forgot to apply to Loyola PT, deadline was apr 13- Friday the 13th. I took the FEB LSAT so could not apply to FullTime. I visited the Loyola campus an did not like the vibe. It did not seem academic. I have heard bad things about it on the internet, but I have heard good things about it around here (LA). Also PT does not appeal to me. But I know this little Chinese girl in LA- that I want to stay close to. Sta Clara and McGeorge are very strong possibilties. Maybe George Mason and chance in hell of Vandy. Should I still apply to Loyola PT?

Incoming 1Ls / FAFSA question???????????
« on: March 16, 2007, 11:53:21 PM »
So I filed my FAFSA. It only let me pick 6 schools for the Federal School Code. Are the other schools going to be mad at me for not picking them? I really want to add Rutgers and Santa Clara, can I somehow add these other schools? I noticed that many people apply to 12 schools. How do they handle it? Thanks.

If I get into Vandy, USC, or Davis (reach) I will jump at the chance. But when It comes to schools like Hastings, Loyola and Pepperdine, I am just starting to think that McGeorge may be a better choice. These other schools don't get me excited, and the cost of living in San Francisco, LA and Malibu is quite high. I don't like SF or care for Hastings very much. They are all basically 2nd tier schools. But I think that McGeorge will offer up some cash, while the other schools probably won't, or maybe just less. I like McGeorge, I like the cheap apartments, I like the outdoors, I don't like big cities. I prefer suburbs or rural or medium cities like San Diego.

My only fear is that since it is ranked 97 by USNWR that it may fall into a 3rd tier position. The rankings don't mean as much to me as they once did, but I know that it carries weight in the 'world'

USC 17
Vandy 17
Davis  35         reach
George Mason 35
Hastings 43

Santa Clara 87       par
McGeorge 97

Chapman T4     safe

An NYU student named Eng wrote an article about why he hates blacks in a paper called "The Voice of Asian America." I write how I hate him, and that most young Chinese are not idiots like him. I  posted it in off topics since it is in every newspaper and all over TV. But appearantly a white hating a black is PC, but an asian hating blacks breaks the PC mold so it is in haterade now. Thanks moderators!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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