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Not to dog out the school, but I'm surprised to hear that there is a waiting list at all; considering their are not an accredited school and all . . .

Back on topic:

Any updates? Did Texas pass the rule or not?

I have always had a huge affinity for veterans of the US Military. I have seven generations of military in my family, and the last three generations served in direct combat. I'm always interested in meeting fellow veterans so I figured I start a thread for the 1% on the population who can call themselves combat veterans. Please take the time to introduce yourself.

Branch: USAF Special Operations Command
Service Dates: 2001-2007
Campaigns: Operation Iraqi Freedom, Camp Warrior, 2004-2005.
Law School: Undecided

Online Law Schools / Re: ABA is not an option (unfortunately)
« on: June 10, 2012, 10:35:14 PM »

(1) How is that a dilemma?
(2) What?
(3) Please save yourself the trouble and don't go.

There is always one no matter where you go.

I appreciate the advise folks. I'll contact the various bar associations in the other states I'd consider moving to. I was cruising around the Cal Bar website which allowed me to see what type of law practiced, their location, and what law school they attended. When I looked up the Cal Bar school near my house, that is when I realized many of their graduates practice law in other states which I thought wasn't an option being that they're not ABA. End result, I'm looking at criminal prosecution and I would hopefully work for the district attorney's office. I work close with many assistant D.A.'s and I have always respected the hard work they do and the challenges inherent with working for the D.A.

My biggest fear is not so much the hard work and time commitment, as the restrictions associated with attending a Cal Bar school and the overall cost of attending. I'd hate to dedicate all that time and money just to realize that I'm tied to California for life.

Online Law Schools / ABA is not an option (unfortunately)
« on: June 09, 2012, 10:59:55 PM »
So I have been considering law school for several years. Unfortunately, the only part time ABA programs are a 90 minute drive for me (one way) four days per week, and I own a home so I'm stuck and I cannot relocate. I have a Cal Bar school within two miles of my house that offers a part time program. My delema streams from the fact that I live in California now, but I'd want to remain here forever. I know the Cal Bar law schools restrict the states where one can practice, but I've heard of Cal Bar students practicing law in Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Texas, and Florida.

If Cal Bar is my only, I'm trying to determine if I should go through with it or not? Law has always interested me, and I have over seven years in law enforcement.

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