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Law School Admissions / Help! I need motivation!
« on: May 31, 2012, 02:07:06 AM »
Could not think of anything else to title this post. I seriously need motivation. Please don't judge me, I don't know why I don't have it. I spent my high school years getting excellent grades at a private high school and I was very involved in various activities. Everything was easy. I had (or have) amazing parents, but looking back they may have been a bit overbearing and I didn't quite develop the skills I needed to survive on my own, at least when it comes to self-discipline and personal initiative.

So here I am, about to enter my 5th year of college (at KU, if it matters to any of you), and I will be lucky to graduate with a 2.5 GPA.

My whole life I have wanted to be a lawyer. I was literally born to be a lawyer. I have the logical mind, a love for arguing, and the intelligence to do it (IMO). I have spent the past 4 years meandering through college because there is no pre-law major at KU, and I have viewed college as a necessary step in order to get to law school, my ultimate goal. Because I viewed college this way, I basically committed self-sabotage. I have not put the effort into my studies that I should have, and right now I feel I have wasted away my intelligence and my potential. I was told how smart I was my whole life and I could pass tests in high school without a lick of studying, and unfortunately these habits have carried over to my college life (where things are not as easy) and I am now sitting on a 2.3 GPA. I guess I lacked the ability to see the big picture as an 18-yr-old freshman (and a 19-yr-old sophomore, etc.).

Well, now I am a 5th year, 22-yr-old senior and I see the big picture. I just hope it's not too late. I need help in getting over my bad habits or else I won't achieve what I want to achieve in life. I skip class way too often (for multiple reasons - many times it has to do with the fact that I don't respect my teachers and figure I can teach myself better through reading the book). Many times I don't turn in stupid little assignments (I guess I'm a bit of a perfectionist - I can't stand half-assing things and if I can't finish it completely I just don't turn it in, which many times also results in me not attending class because I am embarrassed of my unfinished work).

Worst of all, I don't care about my major. At all. I am an Economics and Psychology double major, but I don't really respect the majority of the teachers in both majors. And their style of teaching just doesn't vibe with my style of learning. Maybe I'm full of *&^%. If so, someone please tell me.

I just want to get to law school. I got a 161 first try Junior year. I am preparing and waiting to take it again until I really feel I can improve my score. I need direction! And motivation!

If anyone has any advice on where to go from here, I would appreciate it. I am very lost.

Thanks, Cecilia

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