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I'm wondering if anyone has successfully been accepted into law school with a messy transcript (maybe taking time off, with a lot of W's, or with some F's).  My situation is 8 w's and 3 F's on my Junior college transcript.  I've have now been two and half years at a State University and have a  3.9. and will graduate next semester.  I don't know exactly how LSAC will calculate but if I enter the 3 F's (academically renewed but I know it won't count for LSAC) my GPA comes out to 3.55.  The W's are all non-punitive but I'm wondering if even I take a year after graduate to do an internship and prepare well for the LSAT if any 2nd tier or 3rd tier law school will accept me.  Did anyone recover from a bad academic record and receive admittance into a decent program? 

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