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Thanks Roald!

Test prep sounds like the way to go.  I'm taking a Symbolic Logic class in the Spring of next year just prior to when I plan on taking the LSAT. 

Who knows, maybe I'll score high enough to diminish any negative effect my prior academic history would have on the decision process.  :)

So I started my educational college education in 1996, did ok but then left after a year on academic probation.  I returned to do an ABA approved paralegal program in 2003 and did well enough to get on the Deans List.  2008 I decide to go back to school but after a so-so semester (3.3 gpa for the term) I pick up a couple of F's and W's.  I had some complications at the time with my wife and health issues that kept me from focusing completely on my education at the time.

Now I'm back in school and just wrapped up the Spring semester with a term GPA of 4.0.  Best semester ever for me with a pretty tough course load.

So my question is...

I can get a 4.0 for the next 4 semesters and still barely get my cum. to 3.5 even with "Academic Renewal" for previous low grades... if that..  Will my past academic performance, being so long ago, have much weight for the schools I apply for or do they take a more pragmatic approach and look at the more recent work combined with LSAT score and "personal history?"

Additional info:

I'm a disabled veteran (Non-war related)
My interest is in Civil Rights law

I'm majoring in psychology with a minor in Women's Studies at California State University of Sacramento

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