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Studying for the LSAT / Study Plan?
« on: July 07, 2006, 08:23:05 AM »
OK, so I'm going to take the test again in Sept. and I'm hoping for at least a 5 point increase from my 160 in June.

I'm going to get the LR bible but probably not the LG bible as that was my best section. And the only tests I haven't taken are in the 30's so I'll take those, as well as re-take some of the 40's for practice.

But, should I take one of those weekend Testmaster's courses? I'm going to be in DC (still looking for a testing center, btw). Should I go ahead and buy the LG bible? I'm trying to spend the least amount of money here humanly possible.


Studying for the LSAT / Taking the test again... in DC
« on: July 05, 2006, 08:43:18 AM »
So I'm moving to DC in August and am going to re-take in Sept.. Where's the best place to take the LSAT in the area?

Law School Admissions / Georgetown PT?
« on: July 04, 2006, 09:05:51 AM »
Trying to decide if I have a shot at Gtown PT -- I've seen the LSN but there just aren't that many.

My numbers are bad, 3.5 and a 160 on the LSAT, but my soft factors (tons of ECs in college, editor of student paper, fraternity exec, student elected positions, etc)

Also I will have one year's work experience -- a fellowship in Washington D.C. that's focused toward the area of law I want to be in. And I'd like to stay in DC and keep working throughout Law School.

So, do I have a chance? Or is GW a more likely shot?

Thanks guys.

Studying for the LSAT / Allright, so are we retaking?
« on: June 29, 2006, 02:21:55 PM »
Now that we all have our scores, let's talk about re-takes.

I got a 160 and have a 3.49 GPA with a 3.91 Major GPA. Stellar EC's and a year of work experience.

I originally had dreams of Georgetown PT., BU/BC or Duke/UNC/Wake. Tulane/LSU/Loyola are my hometown schools that I'll probably wind up at.

Should I risk the retake? I was averaging around 167 before the test.

I'm not an URM -- but I've had some experiences in my life that I think might warrant a diversity statement. I had a family member in prison who i visited frequently as a kid. Also, my sister has a form of autism... I was thinking the former not the latter if I were to do one.

Thoughts? I'd rather not include these two in my PS as I've got an experience (Hurricane Katrina-related) that I'm going to use.

Choosing the Right Law School / Communications Law/First Amendment
« on: June 13, 2006, 09:39:21 AM »
Besides BU, what schools have first amendment/communications law concentrations/selection of courses?

I'm thinking a lot about doing first amendment/civil liberties stuff.

Thanks for any insight anyone has.

Studying for the LSAT / Preptest 25, Section 2, Question 21
« on: May 30, 2006, 08:07:30 PM »
I'm at a loss here. Why is Question 21's answer E?



Law School Admissions / How do fee waivers work?
« on: May 29, 2006, 10:02:05 AM »
I'm intrigued by this concept of fee waivers -- and with application fees that make undergrad look like the dollar menu I'm even more interested in how exactly the fee waiver process works? Anyone care to enlighten me?

Law School Admissions / Major GPA?
« on: May 24, 2006, 10:44:56 AM »
My UG Gpa is a 3.48 -- but my hours completed at my UG institution are a 3.51 (took two classes at Georgetown and got B's). Which one is LSDAS going to take? Also, I have a 3.91 in my major classes. Is there any way to indicate that to law schools?

Studying for the LSAT / Study "Drugs"
« on: May 21, 2006, 08:31:15 PM »
Anyone ever heard of taking Adderall before the LSAT? I have a feeling I'm going to have a hard time concentrating between 1-5 p.m.

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