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I agree with alot said about Cooley.  I myself just recently finished my JD at Cooley and am not completing my LLM there also.  Before I go any farther I will admit the only reason I went to Cooley is because I received an 85% scholarship.  I would recommend that going to Cooley with a 50% scholarship or better is not that bad.  I will have my JD/LLM and less than 24K in federal loans.  If you are going to move to Michigan and live on loans and graduate with 200k debt to go to Cooley, well, just don't.  It's probably not a wise idea.  Another thing is the students are clearly separated.   Those on scholarship, tend to have LSAT scores atleast of 158 and tend to do much better than those who don't.   Further a ton of kids didn't make it passed 1L year.   Now the pros and cons, teachers are great, facilities are top notched, extra help is everywhere and I thought that was wonderful.  Students for the most part are great people from all different parts of life trying to graduate. 

The negative is well the IDIOTS in the administration who write these stupid rankings of their own.  It is such a joke and pisses me off a ton, don't reinvent the wheel just do your best and hopefully gain positive attraction over time instead of creating these fabricated rankings.   Next Cooley has this absurd honor code that is the biggest joke of all time and completely pathetic.  My time at Cooley was torn as I was accepted to Wayne State and other more prestigious law firms.    At the end of the day if you can get accepted to a top 20 law school go at all cost and take out the loans otherwise go to the cheapest.

Hope this helps.... take the LSAT a bunch get a 155 and get the 50% scholarship bust through cooley in 2 years and you can take the bar with 50-60k loans, that my recommendation if you cant get in anywhere else.  BOTTOM LINE KEEP YOUR DEBT LOW!

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