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That wasn't my point, whether it is government work or legal work, it is not back breaking manual labor.

I agree with Apophenia. Mindless manual labor may kill you quicker, but at least you can daydream while you are doing it. Focusing requires sustained effort. Most of my friends who do manual labor do it because they don't have any ambition, not because they are unintelligent. Also, I've met a lot of people in the corporate world who are barely literate.

I've come to the board with the same question, and I'm in a similar boat.

I'm 38 years old. I've a BA in Comp.Sci and I've been working as a programmer/consultant for 14 years. I'm unmarried, have not been too career oriented until now (although some of my friends might disagree). Being a consultant has given me a lot of freedom to move around and see different places.

I'm completely bored by programming as well. The thing is, I'm good at it and I get paid well. I'm also not rich. I've saved some money, but basically I've used most of my savings to buy not having to work.

About a year and a half ago, a friend set me up on a blind date with someone who turned out to be seriously mentally ill, and when I broke up with her she went to the police and told them I beat her. I was arrested and charged with felony assault. I successfully fought the case. It was a miserable situation to be in, but I came alive defending myself. I did most of the work, the lawyer just knew how to maneuver in the courts.

This got me thinking again about law school, and I did some more research. My lawyer loved his work and when I told him I was thinking about going to law school, he was very encouraging. He was the only one. I've a friend who is a lawyer for the DAs office in his city; he advised against it. He said he had two lawyers from top tier schools at his firm working for free for the past six months because they were hoping they would get hired. His advice was "don't go to law school unless you are independently wealthy." He felt overworked and underpaid.

Is it worth it? I'm a "non-traditional" student. Most things that I'm good at I've taught myself. If I'm not interested in something, I don't give it too much of my time. I do really well on standardized tests, and I think outside of the box. I'm resourceful, intuitive and very curious. I'm also very good at spotting untruths and inconsistencies in a story.

Here's more: I've deep contempt for injustice and for bullies. I've heard this is not a good personality trait for lawyers. I don't readily back down from conflict, which is another reason I want to be a lawyer. As an adult I've often felt at a great disadvantage in business situations due to unfamiliarity with the law.

Would going to law school be a bad idea at this age?

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