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Law School Admissions / could this help me get in?
« on: March 31, 2012, 10:45:05 PM »
Okay, my LSAT score is not very high, but my GPA is quite good. Here is my question: Could a high Bench Press be a decent substitute for a low LSAT score? At a bodyweight of just 160 lbs, I can bench press 265 lbs! If I included that in my application, do you think it would help or hinder my chances of getting into a decent school? If you think I should include this, where would be the most appropriate place to mention it? I suppose I could include it in my personal statement or my resume. Which of those two things would be the most appropriate? If not my bench press, maybe my squat? I can squat 350 lbs! Which of those two would be more impressive to mention? I don't want to sound too cocky ya know?

Do you think a 265 lb bench press is impressive? Maybe they would expect a higher amount? Do you think schools like Harvard or Yale would require a higher BP than others? What percentile ranking do you think a 265 lb bench press would fall into? I'm thinking at least the 80th-percentile or possibly even higher. So what is your opinion on this? I think my impressive weight-lifting stats show a well-rounded individual that is not only intelligent but also very physically strong as well. Not that lawyers need to be physically strong in order to perform their case work or anything, but surely it is impressive now right? I'm thinking between a decent GPA and a high BP my chances of getting into Chase NKU are quite good, not to mention my very athletic father graduated from there in 1980.

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