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I would definitely go for it, especially if you have the support of a nanny and financial security.  I'm a 33yo mom of two.  My first was a month old and just out of the NICU when I started law school, and my second was born when I was a 2L.  Of course being a parent in law school brings it's own set of challenges (to be honest, every day is a juggling act and sometimes I feel like I'm trying to be supermom by taking on way too much) but it is worth it!  I am in a part-time program and so am able to spend a lot of time with my girls but still get in enough study time.  When I graduate, they will be in school and (hopefully!) I won't feel badly about returning to work full-time.  I think I faced two hurdles: "mommy brain" and exams.  The former was simply due to having babies and being in night school (not such a good combination after all), but I've overcome that.  Exams caught me off-guard in the beginning, just because I was out of practice after working for so long before returning to school. 

I think the best decision I made was to become involved in law school activities.  As a new mom, I sought out other student parents (there are more than you think) and began organizing events for the law school community and their kids.  I have gotten to know many of the students, professors, and staff and I have found a strong, supportive network in them.  Because of this, I landed an amazing summer internship, and I suspect this may ultimately help me with a job offer when I graduate.

In sum, you have a unique set of skills as a mature student and a mom.  Use them to your advantage and you can thrive in law school and still be an awesome mom. 

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