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Was I in this class too?  My prop. prof was female and I cant remember offhand who the other prop. professors were.

Edit:  Just checked the grade distribution, apparently I wasnt... my professor didnt give any D's ... I would have had more ammo for your fight.  I'm sorry you're having to go through this.

Edit 2:  If they knew you were botbot, they probably should have done everything in their power to handle this in a timely and professional manner.  Bad publicity FTL.

You know, I registered you saying that a while back, but I guess I assumed you had graduated. I'm really sorry to hear that.

Gone. Not Forgotten.

Pour one for n/a.  Best of luck with the future man. Keep us posted on where you end up, eh?
How long are you planning on staying in Nola?

Plus, at least you made it through the year, and finished. One dude dropped after the first six weeks. There is no shame, brother.

Yea, grades were just not good enough to justify two more years of stuff that I didn't come close to enjoying in year 1.

I've been accepted to a pretty good business school and will be getting my MBA, so all hope is not lost... yet.

I just got the logistics of my self-move figured out... so Ill be packing for the next week or so... will probably do the 4th o' July here and then head out shortly after.

Im alive... but wave and kcgf will have one less person theyre beating in class rankings, because Im not returning.

As someone who slacked all semester, I was the opposite.  I was running at 9 all semester because I was never prepared or knew wtf was going on.

The two days before exams where I learned a semester's worth of crap got me back down to 5 or 6.

Dont be like me kids.

Im trying to sell my twin bed and TV stand/entertainment center if any of you kids coming in need furniture.  PM me if interested

im moving away, but with the AAA discount, I can get 1500 miles on a 22' long penske truck, with a car tow, all gas and all moving supplies for <1500 dollars right now.  It is way cheaper than uhaul at all price points and truck setups... check it out.

Lol its not like top lockers are 8 feet in the air.  Bottom lockers suck... you have to crouch/sit on the ground to get anything out of them.

Anyone taller than a three year old should have no problem getting to the back of the top locker.


quickly made it known I was a soon to be Green Wave....

Ended up losing...

Way to hold it down.  :P


So I admit, I'm a little slow about this whole back-to-school thing. I'm 42 ferchrissakes, ask me about 401(k) plans ... OK I think I'm gettin' it here. I just never heard the term "lowered the curve." I'm  pretty convinced now that you mean "make it harder to get high grades and more likely to get low ones." Is that ethical? Without changing the classes or requirements, they just ... shift everyone down a notch? What's to stop them giving everyone Cs just so they can save a year's worth of scholarship money?

I guess everything has to hinge on the students' trust that THEY, the hallowed administrators, will be noble and full of integrity. Humph.

So ... define "law school skills"  ...  ???

I think you are in dangerous territory of becoming "that guy." 

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