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Hey all,

Just wanted to bid everyone farewell.  I hope you 2L's have solid years, and you 0L's come in ready to roll.

Don't have much of a reason to come back anymore to LSD, so I'm off for life's next great adventure.

I disagree:

Cable - I got double the HD channels and double the regular channels that I did on Cox with DirecTV.
Cox: 70/mo
DirecTV: 40/mo (granted I got a good deal)

Internet -
ATT/Bellsouth: 768kbit dry-loop DSL for 20/mo
Cox: 6mbit for 50/mo

That comes out to 60/mo vs 120/mo for double the channels and slower internet (which is still plenty fast unless you're downloading gigabytes of music or are an avid internet gamer).

On a scale of 1-10, the gayness of orientation approaches 35.

Everything made it home with 0 damage.. i was amazed... my bed is slightly dirty because that stupid plastic bag kept coming off, but otherwise it couldn't have gone better.

Prime administration-bashing opportunity, haha

You can pull the old WHAM BAM WTF JUST HAPPENED on them.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: How many miles for your big move?
« on: July 16, 2008, 04:37:13 PM »
BTW, I used a UHaul yesterday for some preliminary moving and got a charming 6 miles to the gallon. The guy said that was pretty standard.


Ouch... with a full 16' truck towing a car, I averaged 9.5 ... which was much better than I thought I would get.

Keep it real, Shivenstein

Shout out to Diet Sunkist/Fanta/whatever the @#!* her name is these days...

Helped me load my truck on Wednesday!  Got ALOT done... gave her 100 pounds of my 1L textbooks and supplements, though she probably deserved more.

If it gives you more ammo... I got a C- in my property; I only went to class on the first day, and I studied for a grand total during the semester of about 4 hours, all the night before the final.  Srsly.  Getting a D in law school is HARD, I didnt think it was possible until I read this thread.

It is pretty apparent something fishy is up.  OP is not a stupid guy.

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