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No, I don't have an SO. I have been REALLY busy with school and work lately, so definately a good thing...

Sorry if anything I typed was misleading. There will be no children for at least a few years after graduation! Lol. I am a returning college student that is 29 years old. There are lots of things about being a lawyer than sound good, but as you mentioned many clients prefer to hire recent graduates, it is an extreemly competitive field and takes several years to build up a client base, etc. The majorty of my f/t career would start in my late 40's- early 50's. Would it be possible for me to take many years off and then return later? Are there any fields within law that would be better than others?

They would start after I completed law school.

I am a senior in college majoring in general studies. My corse of studies has been changed many times, and I'm taking a part-time corse load this semester just to research different careers and grad programs.

I'm considering becoming an attorney but also want to stay at home with my children when they are young. Is it likely that a woman could return to work as an lawyer after many years off? Are there any specialties that might be better for this than others? I might not mind working a few hours a week maybe as a volunteer or paralegal during that time. If I took time off and then was rehired would I probably start at a salary that is lower that it was when I quit the previous one? Thank you for the answers. 

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