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   I am currently a 28 (just turned) year old new father who has had some serious problems in the past (I would like to not get into in, but lets just say I did not have the opportunity to attend college).  I currently have about one year of school under my belt, so I am for the most part at the very beginning of my secondary education.  I am wondering what course of action would give me the best chance to succeed.  Unfortunately, due to being a new father and primary breadwinner (only one right now) many of the usual options are off the table.   For what it is worth (probably not much), I do have SAT scores above 1300, and am a member of MENSA.  I realize that this has nothing to do with law school, but it may help the readers grasp where I am coming from and what my possible aptitude for success could be.
  I will most certainly consider all options, but I am currently trying to decide between a couple.  My ultimate goal would be to pass the bar exam one day and be moderately successful (I would be very happy making 65,000 a year with a house and two cars, I aspire for more but am being realistic here).  My question (finally) is: what path will give me the best possible chance of reaching my goal?  I am currently employed full-time, and currently pursuing my under-grad degree in Tampa, FL.  I have no current work experience in the legal profession, and would not like to discuss my motives but just assume that this is something that I very much want to make happen.  Should I pursue first a paralegal certificate and try to gain entry into the legal community that way, and then finish my undergrad and pursue law school?  Should I continue undergrad and wait until I have completed to apply for law schools and plan to enter the job market with no experience in the legal community?  If there are any other suggestions that may help I would be more than happy to hear.  I am really at a fork in the road here, and do not know where I should focus my energy and assets.  I really appreciate any help, and look forward to any responses.

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