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Thomas M. Cooley / Is it worth it?
« on: January 26, 2012, 04:03:13 PM »
I am finishing my undergrad education in May, so I am currently deciding what school to attend now that my acceptance letters have returned.  I have some questions about Cooley, because it seems like the best option for my current personal circumstance, even though I was accepted to MSU law, Indiana U law, and Wayne State.  My husband and I are expecting out first child in June, and he works in the Grand Rapids area. (With the current economic state of Michigan, the fact that he has a decent job right out of college is a big deal.). Since we are having the baby, Cooley's part time program appeals to me because I can still raise my child through its infancy, but also attend school.  Also, my husband and I will not have to move or look for new jobs.  Furthermore, my academic credentials will qualify me for a large scholarship; and money will be tight the first few years. 

However, there is a lot of hostility on this board about Cooley.  I am wondering if attending Cooley is worth it?  Would I be better off working for a few years, then attending one of the other law schools that accepted me?  I would like to get my legal education now, but I am worried that a degree from Cooley won't get me a job.  I have always been a successful student, can I still do well at Cooley and get employed?  I know some firms won't even consider Cooley graduates, but I am not looking for a job in a top firm.  Help?

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