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I'm a 38 year old mom.  I have over 13 years professional experience in IT project management but it does nothing at all for me.  I am in a position now where money is no longer an obstacle yet this seems to make decisions about my future even more difficult.  I am fortunate to live close to an excellent law school and feel that my chances of getting in are very good with an great GPA and LSAT.  I have always wanted to be in law (judicial/government), and I have always been told that I should be in law.

I just want a good idea of what I'll be giving up for the next few years.  I'll have a full time (possibly live-in) nanny, but I do not want to ignore my mom responsibilities for the entire period.  Money is not a factor in any regard (cost or post-graduation).  My concerns are all surrounding what my life will be like while in law school.  I put myself through undergraduate part-time while working full-time as an IT PM working 50-60 hr/week.  I've never been one that had to study to get A's, but I know that law school is completely different.  I just don't know how different. 

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