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Has anyone decided to attend Pierce this fall?

no prob, you should go wherever you feel is right for you.  Best of Luck in the fall!

Franklin Pierce Law Center / Housing for Fall 2006
« on: April 17, 2006, 01:23:07 PM »
Hi everyone,
       Just wanted to start a new thread for those of us seeking housing/roommates in Concord for the Fall.  If anyone has started there search or has useful info about finding housing/roommates hopefully people will start posting here.  ( prolly more now that people are starting to figure out where they are going)

I sent in my deposit yesterday!  :)  I am still looking for housing as well.  I would like to live closer to the school cuz I'd like to walk, and I live in an apartment complex for undergrad that is about 10 mins from my school and honestly its kind of a pain, especially when I have to go to the library to do work and stuff, so I would def like information on available houses as well as potential roommates.  So glad you all are going to FP!  And if anyone is 21-25 female I am looking for roomies (neat and clean since I am having a really hard time with my current roommmate)

I'm from Massachusetts. you?  I was surprised how many people from far away are going there, but I'm sure they will enjoy our crazy New England weather. :)

i know, more people need to reply, im way to excited about going to law school now!  I heart New Hampshire.

ok, so I have to say that i really enjoyed the open house today.  At first when we pulled up to the school i wasnt very impressed, it didnt look the way i had pictured it in my head.  but it does look like a really quaint neighborhood, i think a lot of the houses must be rented by students because they looked sorta old and not as well kept. that being said, after i walked into the school i was immediately greated by thr admissions staff who were very friendly, as well as the student ambassadors who were very friendly.  the information sessions were very helpful and they said that the students call the professors by their first name and that everyone knows everyone.  It seemed like a very close knit community and i really liked that about it.  The assistant dean went up to everyone and learned their name and had convos with them.The professors were also very nice.  During the faculty panel we had to go around the room an d say what kind of law we wanted to do and after i said art law, one of the profs got really excited and then after the session she came up and talked to me and then went to her office and got some great books for me to look at. for me that really showed me the kind of concern the faculty has for students and how willing they are to help. it really made me certain that i want to go here.

the student panel was also very helpful.  one thing that i liked about this school is that all of the students seemed really down to earth and friendly, which was a huge contrast to some of the other schools i have visited where the students and the faculty are very stuck up and unapproachable.  They also said that although the first year is a lot of work, it is very managable and that you still have time to go out on the weekends and get away from school work.  one of the students said that like every friday night about 50 of the 1L's go hang out at the same bar and i thought that really showed the community aspect and that the students are very social with eachother.  I am prolly forgetting some stuff, but overall it was a very good experience and I am about 99% certain that I am going there so i hope this helps!

oh they also said that during the presidential primaries the candidates come to the school and you always see them around Concord so i thought that was really neat as well.

Pierce Law '09!

Your post has made me so excited to visit the school this weekend, it sounds exactly like what I am looking for, and i love the idea of it being in a residential area and being able to walk to class. Thanks for the post it was very helpful!

Thanks!  Yeah I am planning on attending the open house on April 8.  I guess its kind of an accident that I may be attending Pierce.  I decided to apply last minute without really knowing anything about it and then when I got accepted I did some research and became really interested in the school, especially because of the quality of the IP program.  The school also seems smaller and more community oriented, and I think that would be really helpful especially when moving to a new place where I dont really know anyone.  Also, the setting is fairly rural, and originally I wanted to be in Boston, but I grew up in a fairly rural Massachusetts town, and did my undergrad in Amherst which is a nice town but it also has nearby mountains etc, and I think it would be really cool to go to law school in sort of a similar place where I could go hiking to relieve stress, yet still have the benefit of being in a small city where there are stores, restaurants etc, and also I could still keep my car, where as I wouldnt really be able to have it in Boston.  So I guess thats what attracted me so far to the school, I am definitely looking forward to visiting next week.  Oh, and I am a 21 yr old female (I'll be 22 when school starts) so the roomie thing is always a possibility.  I am coming directly out of undergrad, is anyone else?

   I am also fairly certain that I will be attending Pierce this Fall.  I have not been to Concord itself, but my relatives have a house about 20 mins away in the mountains and it is def a beautiful area.  I'm a little concerned about how to find apartments and or roommates in the area because I def cant afford to live alone.  If anyone knows if Pierce has some way of matching people with potential roommates please let me know, as well as any other helpful feedback about the school.  Oh, I want to concentrate on (soft) IP as well, more in the area of copyrights and somehow related to art (visual, music, literature)

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