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Franklin Pierce Law Center / Re: Housing for Fall 2006
« on: May 09, 2006, 10:48:54 PM »
Hi Everyone,
   I just wanted to see if anyone else was looking for a roommate this fall because I am.  I'm 21 female, just finishing up undergrad.  Quiet, non-smoker, clean, blah blah...let me know if anyone else is looking for roommates!

so here is the updated situation.  Today we received another eviction notice.  I went to the rental office to ask if my roommate had paid her half yet and they said that she had not, but that they had my half of the rent (which I paid on time).  The woman told me that about a week ago my roommate went to the office and told them that she would be two weeks late on her rent because she spent all of her cost of living loan on gas and doesnt have any money to pay the rent.  AKA, she spent her school loans on travelling back and forth to another city to visit her boyfriend and go to parties.  The manager of the apartment complex told me that she told my roommate that if the rent was not paid by monday, today, a week after it was due, then we will still get a notice.  The notice reads:

Your rent being in arrears, you are hearby notified to quit and deliver up in 14 days from the receipt of this notice the premises now held by you as my tenant

Any monies paid in less than the full amount due within the 14 days from the receipt of notive, or thereafter, will be accepted for "Use and Occupancy" only and not accepted as rent.  Acceptance of any monies in less than the full amount owing will not constitute a waiver nor should by construed as prejudicing any rights established under this notice or any action of "Summary Process" hereafter commenced.

What does this mean for me?  Also, since technically I am the only one who paid my rent this month, does she still have a right to stay in the apartment until she pays the rest of it.  I just dont think its fair that she can have parties while I am studying and doing homework considering the fact that she hasnt even paid to live here.

thanks for the advice.  Yeah, i dont wanna have to go to court, my dad said if we get one more eviction notice he will pay the other half of the rent and go talk to the landlord to see if we can get her off the lease, but im not here for much longer so its probably not worth it.  I told her I would be studying all weekend, but she comes home with her sister her father her boyfriend and her step mother and starts playing the piano and singing showtunes at the top of her lungs for about a half hour.  At least I know now that she obviously learned her ignorance from her parents...I had to leave before I started screaming...oh well, I'll find subtle ways to make her life a living hell until we move out  ;)  Its not that hard, shes pretty stupid.

ugh, I didnt wanna bring her to court, or actually serve her a legal document, I was just wondering if she actually had a right to stay here if she didnt pay her rent.  I guess I will just have to hope that someday, horrible people will get what they deserve.

  I'm a soon to be 1L, but I'm finishing up my last month of undergrad right now.  I have the roommate from hell.  We split the rent in half and each give our own checks to the rental office every month.  However, last month we received an eviction notice because my roommate hadnt paid her half, and the month before we got a notice saying her check bounced.  She told me that this month she wouldnt be able to pay her rent til a week after it was due.  This weekend I have a huge exam to study for and a project to work on.  I need to stay in my apt to study because I need my computer (desktop) and also I dont think that I should have to leave a place which i pay for on time every month.  She informed me that she is having her obnoxious boyfriend up for the weekend and that "shes not kicking me out or anything" but she was wondering if i was going home for the weekend.  Let me just state that this girl is the biggest moron I have ever met, not to mentions shes a rude, dirty, slob.  If she hasnt yet paid her rent, can I legally tell her she cant have guests, or even that she cant stay her until she pays?  I know this seems petty, but honestly, it has been absolute hell to live with this girl, and im gonna go off on her if she interupts my studying one more time (on a week night this week she had her sister over and they were both singing at the top of their lungs and blasting the tv while i was trying to do work.)  Any advice would be great, thanks.

Yay, another Pierce student!  Um, Concord is about an hour from Boston on 93.  Its pretty nice because you only take one road all the way there.  If you lived halfway in between itd be about a 30 min commute which i guess is personal prefereence as to whether youd wanna do it, i think it is probably feasible.  Anyway, I am from Massachusetts so if you have any New England related questions I can probably answer them.  You picked the right place for IP.  Congrats on the acceptance!

Hi Guys,
   I just wanted to say that the roommate list is up on the piercelaw website, you can log in and answer a questionaire and then your infor is posted and you can currently see other people looking for roommates, tho there are only about 5 of us up there so far.

I will prolly move up there is august as well, I assume whatever lease I get would have to be started around the 1st or something.  I've looked through the housing list and I think a lot of the ones up now are summer sublets, and then some for the fall are just rooms to rent.  I kinda want to live close to the school rather than in a complex, but I dont know where to start my search.  I'm hoping they mail out the roommate list soon (though i think it may be after the second deposit)  it would ease my mind to have a place to live.

   I was just wondering when everyone was planning on moving up to Concord, if anyone actually still reads this board  ;)

Yes, I have decided I am definitely gonig to Pierce!

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