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I applied in late January and was accepted a few weeks later with 9k/year. My numbers aren't that great (160/3.52(, but I ended up at a mid-t1 school (not an URM, the school just said they loved my PS). I withdrew a few weeks ago and haven't heard back from Case about that; they've also been extremely slow in responding to emails I've sent with questions about their program. Their slowness was one of the reasons I withdrew, though I liked their program a lot.

Choosing the Right Law School / Case ($) v. UIUC (in-state)
« on: April 18, 2006, 03:00:04 PM »
I just--very surprisingly--was accepted at UIUC. I'd been planning on Case and have sent in my deposit and everything, but now I'm just confused.

UIUC is better ranked and about 10k a year cheaper overall, but it's IP program doesn't seem as strong as Case's. I also like Cleveland a lot more than U-C, and I have friends in the area.

Would it be foolish to go to Case over UIUC? I'm flying out to Illinois to visit next week, but I'm not sure what to expect. I barely researched the school and just applied because it's in-state.

Also: if I do well enough, I would think about transferring to a t14 school, preferably one on the East Coast, since I think I want to end up in D.C. (where I live now). Would UIUC dramatically improve my chances at that?

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