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Hi, I'm starting to brainstorm ideas for my personal statement and although I'm coming up with a lot of ideas, I'm not really sure if they're appropriate. And it's not like I have one event in my life that I absolutely have to write about. The most "interesting" thing that's happened to me happened in my sophomore year of high school and I'd like to keep my ps more current.

So in order to focus my brainstorm, I'd love to read personal statements from anyone who applied this past admissions cycle, especially if you applied to a T14 school (my top choice is UChicago, so I'd like to see something that might be comparable to what my "competition" will be writing). But honestly, I'd love to read any essay, whether it was for T14 or a non-ABA school. I swear I won't copy it.

I really appreciate this in advance. And I guess PM me if you'd like to contribute to my cause. :)

Studying for the LSAT / Are timers necessary?
« on: April 20, 2006, 11:05:00 AM »
Hey, I'm just starting to study for the October LSAT and I've seen a lot of talk about timers. I'm currently the owner of a watch with a stopwatch and have been using that to time myself on practice tests. On test day, my plan, right now, is to start the stopwatch when the proctor says that I can begin the test, and use that to see how much time I have left. I see a lot of talk on the boards about buying these silent timers, and I was wondering:

a) how helpful they are during test time
b) would their helpfulness warrant me spending the $30 on it as opposed to just sticking with my watch

so basically, "does my method suck?" is the real question.


i am so in love with YLS. you cant even imagine. i went to Yale last summer to take a course and i fell in love with the university. i dont want to go there because it's #1, i want to go there because i feel like i belong there. the people are wonderful. and a great change of pace from superficial and artificial Los Angeles people. yuck.

I'm currently a film student at USC (so I really get around that "LA" mentality) and a midwestern girl at heart. What you said about the LA mindset is part of the reason I'm so gung ho about going back to the midwest for law school (especially U Chicago). I love Los Angeles as a city (weather, how there's so much to do, etc.), but I wish people weren't so obsessed about how they look, how others look, and what kind purse/shoes/sidekick/etc. everyone owns, to the point where it's considered unfashionable to swim in the ocean when you're at the beach (bc seriously, if I wanted to tan, I would have sat outside, not sat in 45 minutes of traffic and paid 15 dollars for parking).

My dream school is UChicago. I'm applying there ED. Hopefully I can pull off a killer LSAT score to offset my 3.6 GPA (probably puny compared to many other applicants).

Incoming 1Ls / Re: University of Southern California
« on: April 13, 2006, 02:53:38 PM »
I'm currently a Trojan (undergrad, but pre-law). If any of you are looking for housing, I'll have an open room in my apartment bc both my roommates are graduating next year. I'm a non-smoker, I'm fairly clean, I don't throw wild parties or anything, and the building is one of the more reasonably priced for the area (and the apt is in good condition). e-mail me if you're interested:

and Fight On!!


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