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I''m almost embarrassed about how much I watch  :D
At pretty much any time of the day (well, evening), there's something that I watch. 
Come home from work...turn on the TV...don't stop until I go to bed  ;)

I have the same problem... except with video games... which puts me at an even lower level of pathetic than yourself  :P

I job is so mindnumbing.  I think the one advantage might be time discipline.  At least we're used to being somewhere from 9-5 and being forced to sit at a desk no matter what.  Hopefully I can force myself to stick to that in law school.  In college, I pretty much did no work, slept until noon every day, and stayed up watching conan at night.  I think those habits have been weened out of me (luckily).

I've been trying to pick up some text-ish books lately to get myself back into that mindset.

I'm hoping for that to apply to myself as well. Though I've done some exciting work since undergrad, my present job doing bookkeeping doesn't come close to exciting... I'm just praying that the work ethic  (fourty hours a week, plus I teach approximately twenty piano students) will carry over...

Here's to hoping  :D

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Would I be crazy if...
« on: April 12, 2006, 10:17:22 AM »
I think that should be more than managable--it might mean one fewer trip to the bar each week, but you should easily be able to fit that amount of time in...

Or at least I hope so  ;)  I plan to still teach a few piano students once school starts (approximately six students, so only three hours a week)... I think it'll help remind me that there is life outside of law school, and provide an extra $500 or so a month.

I find the complete lack of UVA disturbing...

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