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Yeah, I've never heard of how the "URM" process goes... anyone know about how this goes?

Also, would applying ED to UT help, or would the apps probably just go into the RD pile?

So if you guys had to guess, would you say that the UT admissions people won't even get to see my resume? Or if they do, will the stop at the GPA and throw me into the "probably not" pile ? I wish they could see all the things I have done in UT undergrad but I'm pretty skeptical that they actually care. (Sigh)

Thanks for the reply! Application fee, certainly. The story I have is definitely not as moving as perhaps the one of my bf (his mother died recently and plans to write about that). I on the other hand am writing about my time being involved in extra curricular activity, specifically a time when I had to debate a contentious topic in our student government general assembly meeting. How's that sound?

Hey folks,

I speak on behalf of my boyfriend and I who are both Mexican American and who came out of the LSAT with lower scores than what we wanted.

General Stats for Him: 158 LSAT 3.37 GPA
General Stats for Me: 155 LSAT 3.35 GPA

We both have long lists of service to the university through extra curricular activities and work hours. I heard the ONLY way for us to even think about getting into UT is that we are URM students. Is this so? Don't worry about being too frank with me; I appreciate any and all honesty.

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